XSplash Background Settings comes with .deb package for ubuntu

Now you can easely change the XSplash and the login screen (GDM) with XSplash Background settings , so if you like to keep xsplash and gdm backgrounds consistent with the desktop wallpaper this is the right program for you.
Install XSplash Background settings

For ubuntu users, actually there is no ppa repository, but the developer mentioned that he will set up the ppa repositories in the next coming days,so  untill that time you can now just download the deb file and install it through Gdebi . After successful installation you need to reboot once for the daemon to run.

Run XSplash Background settings

Now to run XSplash Background settings In ubuntu, open the configuration dialog through System -> preferences -> XSplash background Settings . Choose your custom background or activate “Use Desktop Background” to keep your XSplash background consistent with your desktop


Download .deb package :

Download source package:

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