Unixmen collaborated with Unixstickers : A new era begins

We are pleased to announce the collaboration of Unixmen and Unixstickers. Unixmen has always remained the community of Linux professional and nerds. This time we are coming with something other than Informative articles and Funny Memes that you cannot deny to have. Guess what! We have something for everyone in this pack.
Unixmen collaborated with Unixstickers : The beginning of a new era

A short note on Unixstickers

Unixstickers is an organization selling Linux and programming Stickers, Pins, Mugs, T-shirts, Hoodies, Posters and what not.

Why Unixstickers?

    1. The Printing quality and finishing of their Stickers are Just awesome.
    2. The texture of their Hoodies and T-Shirts is too good. Also the Logo/Mascot imprint on the T-shirt and Hoodies seems like a part of it and don’t seem to be isolated.
    3. The size, Printing and Color combination of their Pins/Badges are almost perfect.
    4. The poster seems very natural.
    5. Shipping Via UPS, which gives you real time tracking and on time delivery. The Delivery is real fast.
    6. Shipping discount ($5 on purchase of $49 and above. $10 on purchase of $89 and above. $20 on purchase of $129 and above).
    7. You get a $5 coupon if you buy using our this link: Link to Unixstickers (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately)
    8. Each time you purchase something they donate to the project behind them and/or for a Noble cause for charity.
    9. The Prices for the stickers and swag are very Low hence all Linux/Opensource/Programming fans can easily afford it.
    10. A very wide range (40+ top brands) of products. Everyone of us can find something appealing here.
    11. Gives you and your box the identity it deserves.
    12. Flexible Payment Methods. While you check out your cart, you have to option to pay via Credit/Debit Card, PayPal and Bitcoins. The payment method is quick, easy and secure.


If you are a fan of Android, BSD or any other Linux Distribution be it Debian, Arch, Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE, … You may find the below stickers appealing to you.

Linux BSD Distros Stickers Unixstickers-1

You may go through the all the GNU/Linux, BSD and Android stickers and purchase here Linux & BSD Distros (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately)

If you are a developer and want to show yourself different from your colleagues/mates, you must have one of the below. You may find stickers for several programming languages here which includes but not limited to C, C#, C++, Node, Git,…

Programming and Coding Stickers Unixstickers-2

You may go through all the Programming Language stickers and purchase  here Programming Languages (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately)

And a wide range of software stickers to choose from

Software Stickers Unixstickers - 3

Go trough all the software stickers here. You have a wide range of stickers on a variety of softwares like Docker, Drupal, Eclipse, Emacs, Git, Gnome…. Out of all these Git sticker is my favorite. You may find and purchase  from here Software Stickers (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately)

And a few designed specially for your keyboard

Linux and Open Source Keyboard Stickers Unixstickers - 4Please go through all the stickers and purchase for your keyboard here Linux Keyboard Stickers (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately)

And for those who are Hackers or Security Analyst/expert

Hacking and Security Stickers Unixstickers - 5Have a look at the complete list of stickers for Hacking and Security (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately) and purchase those which you like.

Also, there is something for Tux and Linux Lovers

Tux Linux Stickers Unixstickers - 6
You may like to go through the complete set of Stickers for Hacking and Security Here Tux and Linux (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately)


Also Unixstickers have a wide range of badges/pins for you as per your area of interest and expertise. Don’t hesitate to buy one that suits you. Also, you may filter the pins based upon the Linux Distribution, Programming, Software and Tux & Linux.

Linux and Open Source Pins and Buttons Unixstickers - 7
For the complete range of pins, you may like to go through Pins and Buttons (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately)

T-shirt and Hoodies

Select a T-shirt/Hoodies to show your love and passion towards a Linux Distribution like Debian, Arch, … Applications like Docker, Programming languages like js, Python or Mascot like Tux.

Buy your favorite T-shirts and Hoodies from here T-shirt and Hoodies (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately)

Linux and Programming Mugs

Cups Mugs on Linux Programming and Open Source Unixstickers - 8
Buy the Linux and Programming mugs for all moods and occasion here Linux and Programming Mugs (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately)

Linux Posters

Why not have a Linux Poster for the community you support above your work desk?

Linux Posters Awesome printing Unixstickers - 9
Buy the Poster for the community you favor and be it your source of Inspiration from here Linux Posters (Use this link to avail $5 Free coupon immediately)

Our Experience with Unixstickers

We are very happy with the Product quality and its finishing. The Shipping was really, really fast and it took less than 72 hours to reach me covering an Aerial distance of 8447 Kms from Italy to India. While Shipping the packing was very well taken care of. We had a few queries regarding the purchase which Agnese from Unixstickers answered (on chat) in a very timely fashion.  I have distributed a lot of pins and stickers here at my workplace and everyone appreciated it. The IT Team, of which I am the manager, now wears pins of GNU, Tux and Debian on random days. A lot of Laptops here (in my office) now wears stickers that were sent by Unixstickers. I was a Linux-pro even earlier but thanks to Unixstickers for their stickers and Pins that now my circle sees me as a leader and supporter of Linux and open source.

We recommend Unixstickers T-shirts, Hoodies, Stickers, Mugs and Pins to everyone out there. It gives you an Identity for the passion and fire you have inside. It lets you stand very different from the crowd. You may give these stickers and swags to your colleagues and get respect from them, witness the change. Let’s support our favorite community in a very different way.

While giving GNU/Linux training to students : The Hoodie Reads – “If YOU Hold the UNIX Shell upto your ears can you hear the C?”

About the Quality of Hoodies: The cloth is wooly and soft. The color just suits me. The imprint is everlasting. I feel very comfortable in this hoodie and I love to wear it very often.

In Meeting - Taking to SYS Admins. The Debian Logo on my T-Shirt makes me Perfect.
In Meeting – Taking to SYS Admins. The Debian Logo on my T-Shirt makes me Perfect.

About the Quality of T-Shirt: The Cloth is super fine and very soft which is Value for money. The Debian Logo on it is just Perfect. I have other T-shirts with various distribution Logo. You can see me wearing these T-shirts on Casual Wear Day (Friday) in my office. Everyone from my team appreciates me so much for carrying the Linux legacy with me.

I do have specific Pin cum badges for every day and for every situation. I do wear them to my office and my training Institute. To wear these Pins I don’t need to wait for Casual wear day. Before I leave for office, I Ensure I have one pin tucked in my shirt as per my mood and engagement in office.

I am wearing the GNU Logo Pin this Friday as there is a fun Friday engagement and I am going to take a session on FOSS.
The o
The other day – I am wearing a Tux pin while discussing the POC platform for a client Application while getting data from my Tablet Computer.
Even when I am working for Unixmen, I do like to wear some pins, as a source of Inspiration. This time it is Debian GNU/Linux logo.
Even when I am working for Unixmen from home, I wear some pins, as a source of Inspiration. This time it is Debian GNU/Linux logo.

Other than the above badges, I love to wear Git, Bash and Python pins at times.

About the Quality of Pins/Badges: These Pins are just perfect in terms of cut, design, color selection, Logo Selection and Logo Placement. The surface is glossy and gives you an attractive look.

Not only this, Unixstickers also have a wide range of Laptop and Keyboard Stickers. I have a lot of stickers for my Laptop. I use them to give my Laptop the Identity it deserves. It also gives me the ability of recognizing my laptops and other IT assets from 100’s of devices.

This time it is wearing the root sticker. For a Linuxer root is one of the greatest power you have.
This time my laptop has a sticker “root”. For a Linux-er root is one of the greatest power you have.
And my personal favorite Debian
Linux Mascot – TUX
The Bitcoins
Our pride GNU
It can’t be better – with Debian, GNU and Tux.
The GNU and Debian Logo just right of Touchpad.
And with Unixstickers
Large Sized TUX and Debian Logo – Anyone seeing this can say I am a Proud Linuxer.
I have given both my Laptop (Work + Personal) a personal touch. GNU + Tux and Tux + Debian.
Sometimes I am too confused what Identity I and my box need for today.

About the Quality of Stickers: Unixstickers has a very wide range of Stickers and in various sizes. The quality of transparent film at the top of these stickers gives it the durability, in maintaining its integrity without a scar even when the usages are ruff & Tuff.
Stay Healthy and connected to Unixmen. The best is yet to come.