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Rules to be followed to become a contributor Experience is not a big deal. However, we accept anyone who having more than 1+ years of experience in Linux, can become a contributor for us. Here is the terms and conditions before getting started to work for us. 1. The article must contain at least 500 words or more and should cover how-to’s, guides, software reviews, Linux OS reviews, tips & tricks and latest news about Linux, Open Source, and Android. Please avoid Windows, MAC OS X, and iOS related stuffs. 2. Article should be written in English only. Use simple and plain English. Please watch grammar mistakes, and sentence formation. 3. Don’t steal other people’s stuff, even our own articles which are already published in Unixmen. Duplicate content or images from other sites is strictly prohibited. You should come up with your own content and ideas. If we found that the article or images taken from other online or offline sources, we will immediately remove the article no matter how quality it is. Be advised that we will definitely not pay for the plagiarism work. 4. Once article is published, the article is our sole property. You are not allowed to republish/reproduce the same story elsewhere, even in your own blog/site. You are, however, allowed to publish the snippet(not more than 150 words) of the article on your site/blog stating that the story was originally published on Unixmen with a back link. 5. Once the article is published, the author is encouraged to share it via Social network platforms. 6. The authors are encouraged to respond to the reader’s comments as soon as possible. It will get you a good credits from the readers. 7. We will evaluate your work from time to time. If your articles are not getting good exposure, you will be terminated without any prior intimation. 8. Your articles will be tested by us, and once it is valid, we will publish. The poorly written articles will directly go to the Trash. 9. Our final and humble advice is don’t work for just work . Work with passion to help the global users. Think twice! Think wise!! If you interested to join with us, please write to the  admin:  management (at) landocspe (dot) com  or use our contact form, Good luck and welcome to our Community!