Wolvix linux – A linux distro based on Slackware with a graphic installation mode

Wolvix is a desktop oriented GNU/Linux distribution based on Slackware. It features the Xfce desktop environment and a comprehensive selection of development, graphics, multimedia, network and office applications.

Using Wolvix does not require more than basic computer skills, but installing and administering the system might require more knowledge than some of the other GNU/Linux distributions. Much like Slackware, Wolvix sometimes requires you to roll up your sleves and get your hands dirty. So if the thought of using the command line and reading documentation scares you, you might be better off using another distribution.

Wolvix can be dowloaded for free from one of several locations. If you prefer Bittorrent you can download Wolvix from LinuxTracker. Or if you prefer http/ftp downloads you can get Wolvix from one of the mirrors bellow :

Here are the Wolvix download locations:

Now after downloading the iso image, if you want to test it  in a virtual machine then create a new one in virtualbox for example

and then run it in mode live cd

Start   The  LiveCd and login to the system using :  user : root  password: toor

Click on the screen shots for full size view



3-To install live cd in your disk Launch the Wolvix Control Panel located under System –> Wolvix Control Panel in the programs menu. Click the HD-InstallFull Install gives you a standard hard drive install, while the Frugal Install gives a ‘live operating system’ installed to the hard drive, similar to the LiveCD or the USB Flash Drive install.



6-After  this  reboot   your machine  and  start from  hdd

login to  your  machine  with  root:toor


Gadmin Samba

The  package  manager

Usefull Links: http://www.wolvix.org

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