What think people about Opera 10


Just wanted to share my thoughts and say how nice and effective opera 10 is. It installs via a .deb file and runs like a dream. The widgets are fantastic and I now use opera along side firefox.

For development firefox still streaks ahead by miles but the interface in opera leaves firefox standing at the start line wondering who was that.

Firefox for development
Opera for browsing

just a thought . . .

Oh, this isn’t a flame it’s purely observation so don’t start wining that I’m bashing firefox. I’m simply sharing my thoughts.

it’s good for the browser developers to be pushed – it only means we get better browsers at the end of the day.

People 2 :

A big +1 for Opera 10

It Rocks


Yeah Opera has come a long way. I prefer to use Firefox as I have been using it for years and I have it nicely customised. I use Opera occasionally for testing.

Yep, I agree with all of you, a big + for Opera.
Too bad that there is quite a small number of people that use Opera as their default browser.
Even CoolIris (or a lot of other plugins) isn’t available for it because of this matter.
Way to go Opera! At least for now, Opera mini 5 has more loyal users than the Desktop Edition…

Have to agree, and have gone from using Firefox 90% of the time, to almost solely using Opera. The built in synchronisation feature and mail client win me over. And it looks very much better.

They really did a good job with 10.10

They need to tell people about it though, instead of getting MS to do it for them


Amazing browser!!! I completely switch to Opera from firefox because of the new Unite thing, in which you can instantly share stuff with friends and even use your browser as a proxy or web server, pretty amazing if you ask me.

But I gotta say, it has a few kinks for me, some random problems with java, its weird cause this doesnt happen in firefox, but that aside, best browser ever.

I switched to Opera because of Opera Turbo and Opera Unite… and now I’m “locked-in” because of Opera Link

Funnily enough, I don’t use Opera Turbo (I now have fast Internet) and every time I try to use Opera Unite on my server, something goes wrong. I’m serious about this – I installed Opera on the server through VNC, and then Vino crashed. I finally got the time to hook up a monitor and reboot the server yesterday (and run Opera Unite) and then this morning there was a powercut.

Now  what   do  you  think  about Opera10 ?

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