What is Linux technology center?


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What is Linux technology center?

The IBM Linux Technology Center (LTC) is an organization focused on development for the Linux kernel and related open-source software projects. In 1999, IBM created the LTC to combine its software developers interested in Linux and other

open-source software into a single organization. Much of the LTC’s early effort was focused on making “all of its server platforms Linux friendly”[1]. The LTC collaborated with the Linux community to make Linux run optimally on processor architectures such as x86, mainframe, Power, and more recently, the Cell Broadband Engine.

Developers in the LTC contribute to various open-source projects such as Realtime, Serviceability (including Kdump[2] and SystemTap [3]), Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS), Virtualization (using the Xen hypervisor), Linux Test Project (LTP), Linux Standard Base (LSB) as well as projects focused on enabling Linux to use new hardware functions on IBM platforms.

LTC is a worldwide team spread across 38 locations in the world and contains more than 600 people.


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