Webconverger- A Debian-based minimalistic browser-only linux operating system


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Webconverger is a Debian-based live operating system designed to be used solely for accessing Web applications.  It is a minimalistic browser-only system. It runs the Iceweasel web browser with a customised window manager dwm and Firefox add-on that locks the browser to a simple kiosk operation mode. The browser runs in full screen mode with all menus, toolbars, key commands and most right button menus disabled. Webconverger contains Adobe Flash support and PDF viewing by default. Both wired and wireless networks are supported via DHCP.

The latest release is Webconverger 7, The biggest change of this release is the base system update from Debian “Lenny” to Debian “Squeeze”: “Webconverger 7.0 marks a huge milestone for the Webconverger browser-only operating system, since the Debian base system has upgraded from ‘Lenny’ to Squeeze’. The 6.2 to 7.0 changelog has several highlights such as: upgrade from Mozilla Firefox 3.5.8 to 3.6.12; switch from Splashy boot animation to Plymouth; upgrade from Adobe Flash 10.1 to Flash 10.2; faster booting thanks to Debian Live’s live-boot and live-config. There has been a community discussed privacy change whereby Webconverger 7 reports its version to a ping service.” Read the complete release announcement.


Download Webconverger

Here are some screenshots from the current release:


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