Watch videos into your Pidgin conversation with Pidgin Embedded Video

Pidgin Embedded Video is a GTK plugin for the popular instant messaging client Pidgin. The purpose of this plugin is to provide a faster way to watch videos while chatting with your friends. No more additional browser windows! It transforms a simple conversation into a much more attractive and interesting experience. Sharing links to videos and watching them was never such a pleasant activity in Pidgin. Take a quick look!





  • The plugin automatically inserts the video pointed to into the conversation when an appropriate link is sent or received.
  • Every video has a toggle button which allows you to show or hide the video.
  • The default behaviour for a new video link is customizable from the “Configure Plugin” menu. You can choose whether to show the video instantly or to hide it by default.
  • Supported video sites are CollegeHumor, Dailymotion, Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace Video, Trilulilu (all the stuff: audio, images and video), Vimeo, Yahoo! Video and Youtube.
  • It works with the Ubuntu version of Pidgin. It should work on every Linux distribution as far as the requirements are met.



Installation :

For Ubuntu and Debian based systems, Download the .deb package then install it using the command :

First CD the directory where you downloaded the package in my case /home/zinovsky/Downloads

cd /home/zinovsky/Downloads

Now install Pidgin Embedded :

sudo dpkg -i pidgin-embeddedvideo_1.1-2_i386.deb

Later if you would like to remove Pidgin Embedded from your computer, type the command :

sudo apt-get remove pidgin-embeddedvideo

Is done !

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