VLC 1.1.5 is released! PPA Ubuntu & LinuxMint

VLC 1.1.5 is released, this is the fifth bugfix release of the VLC 1.1.x branch. This release comes with Small new features, notably GME and livevlc-logo .webm support and an integrated listing of web-shows directly in the playlist are making this release. Many bugfixes, updated translations and security issue are also part of this release.

What`s new in VLC 1.1.5?

– 1000 Web-shows listing integrated inside VLC’s playlist, provided by Channels.com
– New Game Music Emu (GME) support
-Windows SMB security issue – VideoLAN-SA-1006
– Major updates in translations, and new translations in Asturian, Armenian and Modern Greek
– Mac/PowerPC port fixed in
– live .webm streams support
– GPU HD decoding using Intel IGP on Windows, using DxVA2
– Miscellaneous fixes on all Interfaces, Demuxers and Decoders modules
– Codecs updates



– For Ubuntu 10.10 and LinuxMint 10, open terminal and type the following commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlc
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install vlc vlc-plugin-pulse mozilla-plugin-vlc

If you have already vlc installed using ppa above than you need  only to update your system.

– For other Linux distributions follow the link releated to your Linux distro for installation instructions:

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