Use your favorite video as an animated background in Ubuntu | Howto

This is a gallery where you will find nature and landscape dreamscene loops, like animated Waterfalles, Mountains, Beaches, Cities and more, you can also use your favorite video`s. so, What about using videos as animated background in your ubuntu? (Videos are in .wmv format , to use them as a background first convert them to .avi or mpg format using ffmpeg)



Now, to add a video s as animated background you will need to install a script called a-desk.

1- First we need to have some dependecies installed for a-desk like Zenity, Mplayer, unrar and rar

sudo apt-get install zenity mplayer unrar rar

2- Now download a-desk and decompress it to your home directory or other location you want

3- Now you will have this folder (Screenshot bellow) ,enter into a-desk and install xwinwrapcvs.deb or xwinwrap64.deb (Double click on the file)


4-  Now execute adesk.installer

Double CLICK’S on “a-desk-installer” and choose in which language and system (32 or 64 bit) you want to install a-desk

When the installation is finished you can start the script by a right click of your mouse and choose scripts–>a-desk

Now you can run the default video “Atomic-city” or choose the video you want to use as animated background, you can also choose other videos from a-desk author

I tested this script and worked fine for me, see my Video :


Thanks for Ubuntulife for this link :

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  • Gary

    I followed this article 100%.

    When I did right click and a-desk nada, nothing, zilch. It said it loaded and was working but it didn’t. O well.

  • b

    It works, but what isn’t mentioned (and would be nice) is that it simply obscures the actual desktop with a window that shows the animation, making any icons on the desktop inaccessible — not really what I was expecting.

  • xenki

    thanks for this great tutorial

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  • gary mason

    That’s pretty sweet and now my desktop looks awesome. thanks to your wonderful tutorial.