UNP – Universel file extractor

unp is  a  small   script  based  on  perl   language,  It supports several compressors and archiver programs, like rar  tra.gz rpm and  zip  files.

To  install it  on  ubuntu  or  debian :

open the terminal and  type :

$sudo  apt-get   install unp


To install unp on Fedora :

#yum  install  unp   (rpmfusion should  be  installed  first)

if  you  want  to  extract  every  thing  in your  directory

unp *.*

unpack, for example, all .rar archives in a directory

unp *.rar

unpack 1 archive

unp archivefile

unpack several archives at the same time

unp archivefile1 archivefile 2

Some more examples

unp *.tar.gz
unp *.tar.bz
unp *.rpm
unp *.deb
unp *.zip
unp *.rar

Type man unp for help

man unp

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