Ubuntu Gamer edition 2.8 is released- Now it features 27 pre-installed games

Few days ago, Ultimate Edition 2.8 Gamers was released, in this release besides the updates, many tools have been ripped out of Ultimate ultimateEdition 2.8, prior to the build to maximize room for additional games. The newest PlayOnLinux is also included to allow installation of Windows games.



The gamers edition of Ultimate Edition 2.8 is based on Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat” and features 27 pre-installed games, including the Warzone 2100 real-time strategy game, Grid Wars 2 (similar to Geometry Wars), the Urban Terror first person shooter and Armagetronad, a 3D Tron Clone. Several card and board games are also provided in Vgacard games (4 card games) and Gtkboard games (32 board games). The release includes a new repository that provides access to an additional 48 games – many of these games are not available from Ubuntu’s standard repositories.

Download :  ultimate-edition-2.8-gamers-x86.iso (4,012MB), ultimate-edition-2.8-gamers-x64.iso (4,021MB).