Ubuntu 8.10: Easily Install Inside Windows for Dual Booting


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Dual booting your machine sounds like a complicated task, but if you want to run both Windows and Ubuntu, it is a piece of cake. In a short amount of time with minimum effort you can be set up to boot into either OS on your computer.


1. Download the ISO file for Ubuntu 8.10. Burn the file to CD.

2. Insert the newly burned CD into your CD drive.(If you don`t want to install from the cd ,You can load the iso file to a virtual drive, you can use for this Poweriso for example )

3. When the Ubuntu CD Menu appears, click the Install inside Windows button.

4. Select the drive to install Ubuntu. Input your username and password for the Ubuntu account. Click the Install button.

5. Ubuntu will be installed on your PC.

6. Once it has finished installing, reboot your computer.

You will then be given the choice of booting into Windows or Ubuntu.