Tiny Core Linux 3.3 is released!

 Tiny Core 3.3 is now available. this new release brings a lot of bugfixes, updated scripts and applications, and various improvements. Tiny tinycore-logo-150x150Core now supports data centric view by way of the new integrated GUI file manager with associations and a GUI editor. Also new is much finer control of launcher icons and launcher placement. Many other improvements throughout the system while still staying miniscule at 10.6MB.


Change Log:

* New FLTK integrated file manager, fluff, file associations, i.e, double click to edit/run directly from file manager.
* New FLTK minimal editor, on System Tools menu, and called via File Manager configurable file associations.
* Updated AppBrowser – integrated setdrive. A “Set” button is initialized when Cloud Mode is detected.
* New wbarconf replaces wbar_exclude. Manage all icons (system and ondemand), as well as bar placement.
* New wbar_mv_icon for support of wbarconf.
* Updated ondemand, appsaudit, and wbar_setup for single ondemand dir – dropped ondemand.ico/
* Updated flwm_initmenu – to support combined single ondemand directory. 
* New flwm_ondemand – to support combined single ondemand directory.
* Updated cpanel WbarConf replaces TCE Update.
* Updated and reorganized boot help screens f2 f3 f4
* Updated Control Panel reorganization. Moved more frequently used items to the System Tools menu.
Moved AppsAudit to System Tools menu.
Moved Run Command to System Tools menu.
* Updated System Tools menu reorganization. Moved less frequently used items to Control Panel.
Moved PPI Setup to Control Panel
Moved TermServer Setup to Control panel.
* Updated wbar for new file manager icon, removable via the new wbarconf.
* Updated wbar for new AppsAudit & MntToolicons.
* New boot code nozswap – Skip compressed swap in ram.
* New tce-run – load and run tcz, e.g., tce-run xmms, This is the association to run .tcz directly from file manager.
* Updated tce-audit to support default pathing and ext (.tcz) greatly improves CLI usage.
* Updated tce-load to un-mount meta (empty) extensions.
* Updated tce-setdrive to support call via AppBrowser.
* Updated tc-config – dropped settime boot code.
* Updated tc-config – moved wait_scsi_scan inside nofstab check.
* Updated ondemand generated scripts to pass command line arguments.
* Deleted unused /etc/udev/rules/64-md-raid.rules

About Tiny Core:

“Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal Linux desktop. It is based on Linux 2.6 kernel, BusyBox, Tiny X, FLTK graphical user interface and flwm window manager, running entirely in memory. It is not a complete desktop, nor is all hardware completely supported; it represents only the core needed to boot into a very minimal X Window desktop, typically with wired Internet access. This minimal desktop can be extended by installing additional applications from online repositories.”

Download Tiny Core3.3




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