Some Gnome & Nautilus Tricks

Gnome and its file manager, Nautilus, have some interesting, useful but hard to discover tricks built in. Here is a short selection:


  • Dragging a file with middle mouse button will show a menu upon release, allowing you to select among move, copy, link to, and cancel. Similar to right-mouse drag in Windows.

  • Alt-left drag in any window will let you move that window, without having to hunt for the title bar. Just click anywhere in a window while the Alt key is pressed, and you can move the window.
  • Alt-middle drag allows you to resize a window without having to hunt for the edges of the window.
  • Alt-right click anywhere in the window will bring up the window menu (the one that is usually located by pressing on the top left corner of the title bar).
  • Double-clicking on the title bar will expand a window to full-screen.
    • This behaviour can be modified in System menu –> Preferences –> Windows. Look for the “Titlebar Action” section – the “roll up when double-clicked” version can be very useful to manage the palettes and toolbars of applications like the GIMP, Inkscape or Scribus.

  • To add an item to your Places menu, as well as to the Places sidebar in Nautilus, navigate to that location in Nautilus, and choose Bookmarks>Add Bookmark.

[Via Ubuntu]