Sharing printer on Ubuntu Linux with Windows


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Updated 26-04-2013: Got Ubuntu Linux server to share it’s printer with Windows XP. After setting up samba (i.e. installing the samba package) and getting it to a state where the server PC appeared in the workgroup (make sure workgroup has same

name on all computers). Also make sure Ubuntu knows about the printer. CUPS, the unix printing thing, is installed by default on Ubuntu and all the above is too trivial to comment on. Unfortunately, sharing the printer is not so trivial, you have to edit config files and reboot daemons: but, hey, we love that or we wouldn’t use Linux?

  • Edit /etc/samba/smb.conf as follows:
    # add to [General] section:
    printcap name = cups
    printing = cups
    security = share

    # make sure [printers] section looks like this
    browseable = yes
    printable = yes
    public = yes
    create mode = 0700
    guest only = yes
    use client driver = yes
    path = /tmp

  • reboot samba: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart
  • In windows, go to control panel/printers/add network printer.
  • Browse for server computer. In it’s list of printers should be the one you want
  • Install the printer. A dialog may come up about downloading a printer driver. This probably won’t work but windows will go on to let wou choose a driver from a list.
  • Print a test page.

You can print upstairs from laptop downstairs via wifi. There is no security here so watch out who is using your expensive ink.