Remote desktop from Linux to windows using rdesktop and gnome-rdp

How to connect to a remote desktop from a Linux machine to windows XP , windows 2003 server , Vista or windows 7.? This question is frenquently asked by linux users especialy the newbies that want to discover more linux.

There are many tools that make it easy to connect to a remote computer, rdesktop and Gnome-rdp is one of them, are simple and easy to use.

First check that your windows allow user to connet remotely to the machine,

rdesktop is a nice and very simple remote desktop tool, from the command line install itusing the command :

– For debian-ubuntu-Mint

apt-get  install  rdesktop  (debian-ubuntu-Mint)

-For Fedora/CentOS


yum  install rdesktop 

– For Opensuse


Zypper in rdesktop  

– For Slackware


slackget   install  rdesktop  

Connect to remote wndows machine with

#rdesktop       (-f   for  Full  mode  screen)

to exit from the fullmode and back to linux desktop (ALT+CTRL+ENTER)

Back to windows Desktop again (ALT+CTRL+ENTER)

The other wondefull tool is Gnone-rdp

Gnome-rdp is available in the repositories of most linux distributions, you can install it the same as redesktop (For example ubuntu use : sudo apt-get install gnome-rdp, fedora , yum install gnome-rdp ….)

Gnome-rdp support

now should be under appalictions > Internet

start the program and then start the connexion,is realy nice tool .