PinguyOS- an optimise build of Ubuntu

PinguyOS is for people that have never used Linux before or for people that just want an out-of-the-box working OS without doing all the tweaks and enhancements that everyone seems to do when installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu or other Linux based Distro’s.

Pinguy OS is an optimise build of Ubuntu 10.10 Minimal CD with added repositories, tweaks and enhancements that can run as a Live DVD or be installed. It has all the added packages needed for video, music and web content e.g. flash and java, plus a few fixes as well. Like fixing the wireless problems, gwibber’s Facebook problem and flash videos in full-screen.

Few days ago was released PinguyOS 10.10.1, you can download it from this Link.



As usual here it is a screenshots tour of PingusOS:



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