Operating System Market Share


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These  charts  shows the market share of the six more important operating systems, after them you could see, SunOS 0.01%, HP-UX 0.00%, AIX 0.00%, FreeBSD 0.00%, SCP 0.00%, SCO 0.00%, OpenBSD 0.00%, OpenVMS 0.00% and NetBSD 0.00%. People should be careful interpreting this


chart, all the data come from real users , 160M monthly, accessing important websites.

Linux has been growing it’s market share monthly, started the year with ~.40% growth and closed with almost .70%. Very slowly Windows is loosing it’s market share to other operating systems, started with 93% and finished with 91.7%. Hype products came from 0 to 100 in a very short period. Almost 10% of the market share is dominated by UNIX like operating systems.

IN 2007



In  2009:


 View Trend Windows  87.90% 
 View Trend Mac  9.73% 
 View Trend Linux  1.02% 
 View Trend iPhone  0.55% 
 View Trend iPod Touch  0.15% 
 View Trend Android  0.07% 
 View Trend Java ME  0.07% 
 View Trend Symbian  0.06% 
 View Trend Windows Mobile  0.05% 
 View Trend Playstation  0.05% 
 View Trend BlackBerry  0.03% 
 View Trend FreeBSD  0.02% 
 View Trend Palm  0.02% 
 View Trend Nintendo Wii  0.01% 
 View Trend SunOS  0.01% 
 View Trend AIX  0.00% 
 View Trend NetBSD  0.00% 
 View Trend Web TV  0.00% 
 View Trend Nintendo DS  0.00% 
 View Trend BREW  0.00% 
 View Trend OpenBSD  0.00% <
 View Trend OpenVMS  0.00% 
 View Trend HP-UX  0.00% 
 View Trend SCO  0.00% 
 View Trend SCP  0.00%

Linux usage share on client devices has surpassed 1% for the first time in our tracking.  Linux has been successful primarily as a server operating system, but client usage share has not kept pace with server share  Linux has reached this important milestone on the client as Linux-based systems have become more functional, easier to use, and pre-installed on computers from vendors like Dell.