Nagios XI : is not free


Nagios-XI primarily makes the nagios tool and its GUI available for non-skilled users that dont have any affinity with linux. Its a VMware image that you can boot easily using a VMware player. Next thing you need to do is configure an IP (with extended manual) and open your explorer. The rest is done from there, pre-configured and working without a hassle.

The  Nagios XI   is  a  VM package meaning that you will download a virtual machine with all the required settings pre-configured for you.

Whats  is  new  in this  product :


  • Redesigned Web Interface: New  Gui   interface  iwth  constumization and  prefences for  every user  conncted   to  the  nagios  portal

  • Dashboards: Verry  strong  dachbords giving  you  accees  to  repporting tools and   informatios  status, that  makes showing   critical data  easy and  in 1  screen
  • Views:r.   Configure  your  view  that   you  can access  directly  to  you  needed  information ,  you can always configure  yoiu  view  and   and  edit  your  actual view to  make  it  easier
  • Performance Graphs: Nagios  generates  Graphics  making   easy control  of  your    servers ,Graphia  are  showing  memery  consumption , processor in use   , disk in use  and  other.
  • Database Backend: Integrated database backend and APIs allow for powerful behind-the-scenes access to monitoring and configuration data.
  • Web Configuration GUI: fron  the  web inerface  you can manage  the  processes  and  the  configurations ,  no  more  command lines  needed

  • Advanced User Management: from this  inerface  you  can manages  user   with   with (add-remove-change shell ….) and  send  them email  from thre .
  • Non-Stop Operations: this is   like  backup  configuration,  that  give  you   the  chance  to  go back  to  old  configurations if  you   your  actual configuration is  damaged..
  • Extendable Architecture: this   is  for specialists , here you  can  improve  your  nagios monitoring  with  editing  APIS  and  contribue  in  NagiosXI  developpement

The  NagiosXI  is  not  a  free prodcut  , but  still  open source  for  devellepement :

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