Mandriva 2010 is released

Anounced today the release of Mandriva 2010, it is available in three editions : One, Powerpack and Free, for architectures i586 and x86-64. One and Free can be free downloaded from official Mandriva mirrors and via BitTorrent.



What`s new in Mandriva2010

  • New themes and artwork
  • Kde4.3
  • Gnome2.28
  • Moblin : A new environment is now included in Mandriva Linux and all integrated for 2010 release. Mandriva Linux is the first distribution to include full packaged Moblin environment.This environment has been designed for mobile desktop platforms.
  • Sugar desktop : The innovative desktop designed for the OLPC project, Sugar, is also available in Mandriva. Just install the task-sugar meta package and the Sugar environment will be available in the session type list on the log in screen.
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5
  • Openoffice.org3.1.1
  • Moovida media center is now included in Mandriva2010
  • Boot performance improved : Also the new Mandriva 2010 improved boot performance, so the boot performances have been improved based on the ongoing efforts started with the Mandriva 2009 Spring release. You will also find the system shuts down, hibernates, suspends, and resumes faster. On top of that, bootsplash is now managed by Plymouth with an improved boot theme artwork.

See more in Mandriva wiki



Download mandriva 2010 via Torrents is ready:

Or download the ISO images from the download page

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