Kvpn client : The vpn is easy

Kvpnc is a KDE4 tool to make vpn connections, but still working fine under Gnome too, i have this tool tested this morning to connect to my work company who is working with cisco pcf files . its really great

KVpnc is a KDE Desktop Environment frontend for various vpn clients. It supports Cisco VPN (vpnc, vpnclient (proritary client from cisco)), IPSec (FreeS/WAN, OpenS/WAN, stronGswan, racoon), PPTP (pptpclient),L2TP, OpenVPN, VTun and OpenSSH

This method was tested under Ubuntu 9.10 and Debian 5.0

First Downloaded the tool from Gnome packge manager (or from the apt-get command )

Application > Ubuntu Software Center > then find Kvpnc and install it

From the command line :

Sudo apt-get install  kvpnc

Now start the tool under Applications > internet> KVpnc

in the KVpnc windows open > Profile> , you make new profile with new profile Wizard

or import PCF file or Enter Data manually

Now from the KVpnc windows Connect and Enjoy

for any questions. we are here to answer :)

  • Ken

    So, where does one get a pcf file, then?

  • joe

    Ken, they sure are here to answer questions, aren’t they…