Install Syscp control panel in ubuntu

SysCP (“System Control Panel”) is a software for administration of webservers based on and written in PHP and MySQL. It offers a web-based front end for customers of internet service providers but also for simple users, (for example you can use it for personal use, if you have your own webserver (ubuntu or Debian) home and you have to manage multiple website, Syscp look a good solution for you), enabling them to manage their email addresses, domains and databases.

The software contains configuration templates for use with Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE and Gentoo Linux but it is possible to run it on any PHP/MySQL based system, as for example FreeBSD. Supported services are (among others) Apache HTTP Server, lighttpd, MySQL, PHP, Postfix and Courier or Dovecot for Mail-Services, Bind9 as nameserver. Further services and extensions can be integrated seamlessly into the configuration of services administered with SysCP; for example ClamA

Other free control panels areavailable and can be used also for home servers with one or multiple hosted domains :

AlternC – DTC (Domain Technologie Control) – ISPConfig – Ravencore ….and more

Lets start  to install syscp :

First add the debiann package to sourcelist

vi  /etc/apt/source.list 

and add

deb lenny/

and run update with

#sudo   apt-get  update 

install the package with his dependencies :

#sudo  apt-get  install   syscp   

in the install will ask you to input the root mysql passord

after this open your browser and type :

http://ip/syscp  or  http://host/syscp  or localhost/syscp

Now before your go on futher ; you have to create databae named syscp with user syscp

Now before to go further we have to create datasebase syscp via phpmyadmin

databse = syscp

user syscp who have full access for syscp database.

back to http://host:syscp

Now back to fist page .fillin the informations and  then click next

click Next :

now everything is Fine :

klok login to join the admin page .

Login and add your settings :

For any question please post it in the forum.

  • Peter Vereshagin

    The good to say about SysCP is: it is very easy to adopt for proprietary needs. As an admin, you may prefer PureFTPD or VSFTPD over proftpd which is what the most panels use these days, and you may prefer to keep all your DNS records in the SQL databaseupdated right on the fly with zone editor, or you, as an admin, can avoid the user from editing his/her DNS zone: this can be easily done with powerDNS and wide range of third-party contributed patches; and now is the another side of the same facility of SysCP design comes oput on the scene: itcan be easily extended with your code which is very easy to add and adopt hang only the basic PHP/MySQL knowledge, exactly what the average Linux sysadmin use to have.
    There are even contribution branches visible via Web interface on their Trac (through SVN ability of Trac) where patches are flavorly colored.
    All of the code is very transparent and the config files are not tweakened by SysCP installation; it is a very good practice to use the updated regularly system daemons, and the daemons can be chosen for the particular task, system-supplied and updated regularly by the OS.
    The only thing makes me sad about is: NLS (i18n/l10n) which is based on htmlentities() if ono-Latin symbol is met. In comparison to GPLHost and others this is only disadvantage. Another thing to mention is: cross-platform compatibility: I used SysCP on FreeBSD and Linux which is not easy for, say, ISPConfig which is another FOSS hosting control panel. I’m pretty sure it’s very easy to adopt SysCP to any other OS those are popping here and there, e. g. OpenSolaris, for instance.
    GPLHost is cool with its Unicode support, which makes me consider about it ( I’m Russian ). But I can’t mind when I can not edit the DNS zone with ediotor on control panel, which is a must for me. There are only 5 records on MySQL out there, what if I need SRV record for my XMPP/jabber and/or SIP/etc. ? So, again,. my choice is; SysCP.

  • Benjamin Cankalp

    I have big problems with syscp on Ubuntu 9.04 server

    i have done every thing in the tutorial but i cant use the sub domains but i don’t know if it is because i have’nt connected the company domain to it or if it is because of any thing elese

  • Bill Jackson

    Hi Benjamin .
    I think you have to add the Comapamy domain to it first. Peter Vereshagin is admin in syscp project i hopehe can help you to solve this issue.
    i will try it later maybe i can find something !!

  • Peter Vershagin

    Thanks Bill.
    @Benjamin: your problem looks like a DNS-related one.
    SysCP’s panel is nothing different in cn common from setup of any other web site. You could also mean: you have a domain on a SysCP and can not make its subdomain to work out there.
    Have no idea about what concern has a company domain here, but it’s a common practice to reside hosting control panel on a company’s subdomain, say,
    Anyway I’m welcome for any opportunities.
    To be correct: I’m not affiliated with SysCP Team, I administered some syscp sites a year ago and made some pledge to make the SysCP a bit better.

  • Pirat9

    Hi Peter Vershagin ;

    Thanks for helpfull reaction :)

  • jpm

    hi peter

    I have vps and its unmanaged im trying to look open source control panel to solve my problem, now i found syscp, i am ready to install, but i want to know something about syscp? may you provide me a complete installation guide?


  • Audel

    I installed syscp through ubuntu software center, now I want to finished but when I go http://localhost/syscp//install/install.php I get a page with this: Sorry, SysCP is already configured…

    where are the installation file to edit and make the changes manually.


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  • Wizard84

    if SysCP is already configured… then :
    rename/delete : /etc/syscp/main.conf.php

  • Larryl

    Assumes too much.  Location of files are not the same in Mint.  Installation does not show properly how to run the application.  Was very disappointed in it.

    Concept, and view from this site on how it looks/works were very good!  Just doesn’t work for me. :(