Install Syscp control panel in ubuntu

SysCP (“System Control Panel”) is a software for administration of webservers based on and written in PHP and MySQL. It offers a web-based front end for customers of internet service providers but also for simple users, (for example you can use it for personal use, if you have your own webserver (ubuntu or Debian) home and you have to manage multiple website, Syscp look a good solution for you), enabling them to manage their email addresses, domains and databases.

The software contains configuration templates for use with Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE and Gentoo Linux but it is possible to run it on any PHP/MySQL based system, as for example FreeBSD. Supported services are (among others) Apache HTTP Server, lighttpd, MySQL, PHP, Postfix and Courier or Dovecot for Mail-Services, Bind9 as nameserver. Further services and extensions can be integrated seamlessly into the configuration of services administered with SysCP; for example ClamA

Other free control panels areavailable and can be used also for home servers with one or multiple hosted domains :

AlternC – DTC (Domain Technologie Control) – ISPConfig – Ravencore ….and more

Lets start  to install syscp :

First add the debiann package to sourcelist

vi  /etc/apt/source.list 

and add

deb lenny/

and run update with

#sudo   apt-get  update 

install the package with his dependencies :

#sudo  apt-get  install   syscp   

in the install will ask you to input the root mysql passord

after this open your browser and type :

http://ip/syscp  or  http://host/syscp  or localhost/syscp

Now before your go on futher ; you have to create databae named syscp with user syscp

Now before to go further we have to create datasebase syscp via phpmyadmin

databse = syscp

user syscp who have full access for syscp database.

back to http://host:syscp

Now back to fist page .fillin the informations and  then click next

click Next :

now everything is Fine :

klok login to join the admin page .

Login and add your settings :

For any question please post it in the forum.