Install softwares on Linpus


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Amsn in Linpus

By visiting forums and linux commmunities , i noticed that many people look for how to install softwares ,media players on Linpus,and without forgetting amsn, because first what a new linux user look for is how to find a replacement of windows messenger.

in this tutorial will shows you how to install amsn in your aspire one with linpus ,the installation will be using terminal, i know that most aspire users are not familiar with terminal, please try to just copy and past the command on the terminal.

So let`s start ,

1- Open your terminal by  Pressing  Alt+F2 ,will  show the Run program window. Check Run in terminal and click Run, which opens a terminal
2- type to add some reositories of fedora 8-9
sudo rpm -Uvh

3 – type the command :

sudo yum install fedora-release
4- now install amsn :

sudo yum install amsn

and is done !

Now to install media players on Linpus please folow the instructions here

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