Install more than 100 games with one command using Djl

Djl is an open-source (GPL licensed) game manager written in Python 2.5 for the GNU/Linux Operating Systems. It is inspired by Valve’s Steam software for Windows.

Djl makes it possible (via a repository) to download, install and remove a reasonable number of games placed into a distrobution independent subdirectory (but without dealing with any dependencies). It can also execute ,desktop shortcuts located in another directory.

Actually Djl have more that 105 game in his repository, games like Alien Arena, Blood Frontier……..,

see the complete list of games.

To install Djl download the tar file from this link :

then download the latest version djl-1.2.14.tar.gz

Now before to install the game be sure that these dependencies are installed :



If the dependencies are not installed then use :

For fedora/redhat/centos, under root :

yum install python python-qt4

For Ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install python python-qt4

Now after the dependecies are installed we will extract the downloaded file djl-1.2.14.tar.gz

tar -zxvf  djl-1.2.14.tar.gz

Go to the folder where you extracted the tar file :

cd   djl

And launch the installation using this command :


Please indicate the install directory and location of your browser

the script will contact the Linux games servers and download some games for you , plus their

plugins and chat between gamers.

Now once the games are installed, they can be launched from main window, which not only

contains games that are installed from the repository, but also shortcuts as .desktop files.

Enjoy and if you like it, don`t forget to digg it :)


  • Nixie

    This looks very promising, thanks for posting it — anything inspired by Valve is happy fun times for me!

  • Anonymous

    Use your package manger. Do NOT use third party applications to install software, this is a security risk waiting to happen, not to mention general compatibility issues.

  • Anonymous

    I get this output and nothing more

    This is the first djl launch
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 486, in
    File “”, line 401, in __init__
    File “”, line 188, in verif_demarrage
    import configuration
    File “/home/sovsep/Downloads/djl/djl/”, line 28, in
    from variables import variables
    File “/home/sovsep/Downloads/djl/djl/”, line 29, in
    class variables:
    File “/home/sovsep/Downloads/djl/djl/”, line 59, in variables
    liste_canaux = [“”]*len(config.config(info=16)) #Va chercher la liste des canaux suivant la configuration)
    File “/home/sovsep/Downloads/djl/djl/”, line 210, in config
    loc = locale.getdefaultlocale()[0].split(“_”)[0]
    AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘split’
    don’t know what to do

  • Sam

    Did you install the dependencies ?

  • Anonymous

    yeap, python and python-qt 4 are both installed

  • Anonymous

    it’s not running as root. it’s not running as root. it’s not running as root. installing using a third party OPEN SOURCE app isn’t bad, by definition ever app manager in linux is third party.

  • Adam Jones

    “Install more then 100 games in one command with Djl” should read, “Install more than 100 games in one command with Djl”, or better yet, “Install more than 100 games with one command using Djl”


  • umarzuki

    all games are in 32 bit…

  • Justin Willenburg

    Get off your grammar police issued high horse and grow up.

  • Drmgiver

    Can’t seem to run it from Arch, maybe the great and helpful Nixie can help! New video Nixie? ;)

  • sankaran s

    I want to install sudo into my computer

  • Drmgiver

    What distro are you running sankaran s? I’m surprised it isn’t already there.

  • China Mike

    Well, well, well…look at this! another nice program that I can’t INSTALL…(sighs). I tried installing the PyQt as suggested, can’t do those commands (doesn’t know sudo, doesn’t know get, install, all that!), so I found the same thing in a pet package (I use Puppy, and a pet package is similar to other ready-to-installs for other linux) and it installed it, but still, when I do that "sh" thing with Djl it says I don’t have the module for PyQt installed! Agggggghhhhh! I give up.

  • Drmgiver

    If you are using Puppy 5.1 it is Ubuntu based, so you should just be able to run each command as written.

    sudo apt-get install python

    enter your password and hit enter.

    tar -zxvf djl-1.2.14.tar.gz

    hit enter

    cd djl

    hit enter


    hit enter

    If you are using a different version of puppy, reply to this and I will try to help.

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