Install lamp with 1 command in Ubuntu 12.10, 13.04 Raring Ringtail & LinuxMint13

Install lamp with 1 command in Ubuntu 12.10, 13.04 Raring Ringtail & LinuxMint13

Updated: 10/09/2012 :LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is an open source Web development platform that uses Linux as operating system, Apache as the Web server, MySQL as the relational database management system and PHP as the object-oriented scripting language.

We did show you in our previous post how to install LAMP in Ubuntu 10.04 with one command using tasksel command. It is a software installation application that is an integral part of the Debian installer and works under Ubuntu Linux too. It groups some packages by tasks and offers the user an easy way to install the packages for that task. It provides the same functionality as using conventional meta-packages. in Maverick this command dosn`t come by default, so we need to install it first before to perform the LAMP installation.

This tutorial was has been tested on Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin. Also tested in LinuxMint13 and works fine.

Open terminal and Type the command :install it first with

sudo apt-get install tasksel

Now to install LAMP, type the taskel command in terminal :

sudo  tasksel

And select LAMP Server:

During the installation you will be asked to insert the mysql root password

Now check if php is working :

$sudo vi /var/www/info.php

and add

save and exit

restart apache2 ,

#sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Now open browser and type :

http://ip/info.php or http://localhost/info.php

Php is installed.

To full manage your lamp Server database, install phpmyadmin

sudo  apt-get  install  phpmyadmin

To login to phpmyadmin, open browser and type :

http://ip/phpmyadmin   or http://localhost/phpmyadmin


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    one error…



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  • herace

    [i]#/etc/init.d/apache2 restart[/i]

    [b][i]sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart[/i][/b]

  • http://Thanks Zinovsky

    Thanks. fixed :)

  • Juanpis013

    Hi good job.


    sudo apt-get instal tasksel

    sudo apt-get install tasksel

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  • Gareth Sullivan

    I only got the phpinfo page to display correctly by adding a "?" after the first "

  • Gareth Sullivan

    Sorry, should have read

  • Gareth Sullivan

    I give up…

    the phpinfo script is missing a question mark after the opening

  • pirat9

    PHP Code corrected.

  • DrTomFlint

    When you select install Lamp server from the menu, do NOT uncheck the print server and ubuntu desktop boxes or tasksel will REMOVE them.

    Deleted my whole desktop and printer install and had to rebuild system!

  • Noisiv

    Excellent tutorial!
    I have both the Apache Server, PHP and phpmyadmin installed and fully functional.

    How I do I create the Username and Password for phpmyadmin?

  • Noisiv

    Nevermind. lol
    I figured it out.

    Awseome Tutorial. Thanks again.


  • Zinovsky

    You are welcome :)

  • Anonymous

    How do I do this part?

  • Anonymous

    Please ignore my whoops above.

    I ($sudo vi /var/www/info.php) and get into the editor.

    This is the section I’m having issues with. I paste the code, can’t save it nor see it.


    I guess I’m just unclear as to how the editor works.

  • Zinovsky

    If you are not familiar with vi use Gedit editor instead.
    That part of the tutorial is just to test if php has been installed successfully, so you can skip it if you want :)

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so I really hosed my first install. You should really let people know that they need to use the spacebar to select packages tasksel. :roll:

    So I ditched 10.04 and installed 10.10. Updated everything then installed LAMP. Everything works!

    Now what do I do? I mean, I have an index.html file I’d love to get up and online, I can manage the dydns and port forwarding… but I kind of have no idea where to start with using the phpmyadmin or how to go about setting up a DB.

    I’m not even sure I need to, I’m only looking to host a couple of small personal business/blog sites from home… Could I get away with just using apache? I’m have to learn this stuff eventually but honestly it looks rather intimidating….


    Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous


    Great walk-through, worked a treat once I figured out the whole spacebar thing.

    Fast and painless install.

  • syed

    Great tutorial, thanks

  • Sam

    Thanks for this great tutorial.

    But, how do we un-install this?

  • zinovsky

    You can uninstall LAMP this with the same command :
    [quote]sudo tasksel[/quote]
    Then deslect LAMP.
    [quote]sudo apt-get remove phpmyadmin[/quote]

  • Wency

    Another Good Way is

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

    online command and then follow the same above steps for configuring php,apache, mysql

    phpmydamin has to be installed separately

  • Josh Schneider

    I don’t know about others, but I had to also do this, found on ubuntuforums:

    Add the following line of code inside /etc/apache2/apache2.conf:
    Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf

    here is an article that explains it in details:*******/uncategorized/install-and-configure-phpmyadmin-on-ubuntu-lamp/

  • jusfixit

    When creating the info.php file above, it would be far wiser to use the full tag "code]
    Even if your php is still configured to honor this ambiguous tag, somebody somewhere else will attempt to feed a file that looks like this to some other system, and be unnecessarily consternated.

  • jusfixit

    … to use the full tag "open angle bracket question mark php" rather than the deprecated-for-several-years short-open-tag "open angle bracket question mark". I.e.:


  • jusfixit

    … and how much of this [non-escaped code which cannot be previewed before posting the comment] will be swallowed?


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    thanks a tonnes

  • apachedevil

    piece of cake. thanks for the help :)

  • spade

    It may be confusing to some that commands are sometimes prefixed with $, # or nothing, i.e.:

  • Stephen Owens

    If you are just using this for a local development and testing server, you will probably want to change the ownership of the /var/www directory to your username. So you can save file changes to the directory using the source code editor of your choice.

    sudo chown [YOUR USER NAME] /var/www

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Gazza

    excellent tutorial – worked flawlessly for me !

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Guest

    WHat if i need to install php version 2.9?
    How to achieve that?

  • Dave

    I made this mistake as well.
    New something was up when the installer was saying "Removing…"

  • Nickolay

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    This is Awesome….Cheers Mate.. you rock..


  • McIyer

    I am a newbie. I am trying to install Lamp as above.
    However after the first window where i choose "LAMP Server" to be installed, i am not getting any window for the mysql pwd. I am just taken to the command prompt and nothing happens anymore.
    When i first installed the tasksel, i got this message at the end. "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place". Dont know what this means – any insights?

  • Fabio Aragao

    Muito bom tutorial, nenhum erro nas instalacoes, tudo funcionando perfeitamente

  • Unavengedavo

    How do I get a MySQLi server?

  • Hakand

    thank you, great tutorial, it works

  • anonymous

    how do you login into phpMyAdmin

  • Simple Dimple

    your procedure does not install curl library, so I had to do this

    sudo apt-get install php5-curl

  • Simple Dimple

    to login to phpmyadmin use


  • Ashen Randika

    Thank you very much for the tutorial

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    Neither of these work – first one send me to and the other does nothing throws an error saying this page cannot be found….
    Any suggestions?

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    nice and easy. worked perfectly. Thanks


    This is so cool!

  • Jimenez

    I instaled phpmyadmin (LAMP),but when I test it (http://localhost/phpmyadmin) I get:
    NOT FOUND “the requested URL/phpmyadmin was not found on this server”.
    Apache/2.2.16 (Ubuntu) server at localhost Port 80.

  • admin-p9

    enter your message here…[quote=Jimenez]I instaled phpmyadmin (LAMP),but when I test it (http://localhost/phpmyadmin) I get:
    NOT FOUND "the requested URL/phpmyadmin was not found on this server".
    Apache/2.2.16 (Ubuntu) server at localhost Port 80.[/quote]
    find phpmyadmin.conf file and proceed Allow from All

  • Kaushik

    how do u select when it comes to the selecting the LAMP sever part?

  • Anonymous

    do not notify

  • Ramiro


  • Time Wasted

    Be real careful when doing this on Ubuntu 11.04. There are going to be items already selected, do not unselect them otherwise you’ll end up uninstalling ubuntu.
    Just selext lamp and leave the rest alone.

    The voice of the experience :)

  • stove

    Thank you!

  • jon

    good stuff

  • Samuel

    In my case, phpmyadmin wasn’t accessible through url, so I had to do the following:

    sudo ln -s /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf
    sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

    After that I could use localhost/phpmyadmin

    Thank you for the LAMP tip, it was awesome.

  • Sergio L

    Thanks! Great tutorial!

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Mad


  • Jared

    You could type this in the command line:
    sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ phpmyadmin

  • ihaveapc

    Other way and the longer one is by manually installing XAMPP, though it too has it’s own share of headaches when done wrong :).

  • Anbalagan

    yes the information was very useful to me. Just copying and pasting the commands in the terminal and web browser, i was able to install lamp.

  • Dave C


    Works a treat.

    Thanks :)

  • majumdar

    Hi, i am a starter to ubuntu and linux and followed the instruction to install LAMP and also succeeded as i got the screen for phymyadmin. next time i tried to open http://localhost/phpmyadmin it asks for user id and psw which i forgot. my question is: how do i know whether the LAMP has been properly installed, how do i retrieve my user id and psw. i may like install open conference system which requires php, mysql, apache which i did installing LAMP. is it the correct, if not how do i proceed. is it that i have to separately install these packages instead of LAMP. if so, how do delete the LAMP. please help me.

  • http://MSN Roberta

    How can I get the wifi working using the Linux Ubuntu operation system? I am not computer savvy. Need a beginner’s manual.

  • mizo

    the Wifi drivers will be automatically installed and activated withe new ubuntu releases.

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    [b]hi when i write sudo tasksel the firs image apear but when i select lamp server again show me last message on terminal and nothing happen .. why? any helps ?[/b]

  • Bronwen

    Did you use the spacebar to select LAMP? An * will go in the space before LAMP to show that it’s selected, like before Print Server in the example.

  • Bertrand

    Thank you very much for this topic.
    It is so easy. Because I’ve tried a lot of others before and they doesn’t match.

    I’ve only a problem with the step of the phpmyadmin.
    When I type "http://ip/phpmyadmin or http://localhost/phpmyadmin" I receive this "Not Found

    The requested URL /phpmyadmin was not found on this server.
    Apache/2.2.17 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80" as I restart apache?
    It’s probably easy for you, but I’m new in the world of ubuntu. As it take to me more than one day to search and try to do thinks which take only five minutes under windows for me, I’m very pride to do it. And I want to learn more.

    Best regards.


  • MrSchism

    Tasksel has long been known as a buggy, destructive bit of software. It should be avoided. Uninstallation of Tasksel itself will lead to it uninstalling your entire OS.

    Again, avoid it. Install each component individually; it can all be done on a single line or multiple lines. Don’t be lazy…. it can cost you.

  • Jonathan

    This helped me out. Thanks!

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    the terminal command fails to load all the needed files

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  • hans schneidhofer

    hi, I am a bloody newcomer with lamp and have trouble;
    have done all your directions, created a but all what I get is : How should firefox with this file procedure ? … save as file … or open with …
    looking with ls -al in /var/www show me the following :
    user hans group hans -rwxr-xr-x info.php but have tried also 644 with the same result. hmm, what’s going wrong or which bugs have I done here ? :-)
    t hanks in advane

  • vishnu

    very helpfull site..

  • luis

    thank you, clear and fast ;-)

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Protitude

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want a password for mysql. But after installing phpMyAdmin it won’t let me login without a password. I turned this off by editing the config file:
    [code]nano /etc/phpmyadmin/
    then uncomment line 100
    [code]$cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘AllowNoPassword’] = TRUE;[/code]

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... guruprasad

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    Very nice instraction.

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  • Valerio

    I fix the installation doing this in terminal
    # sudo ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin /var/www/phpmyadmin

    After, I can access the phpadmin normally by [url=]here[/url]

  • Wally got screwed

    ^^READ THE ABOVE!!^^ .. Thanks to this site my Ubuntu comp is now screwed… Don’t uncheck items. Better yet just follow or a similar tut.

  • shunting

    Just made the mistake of unchecking the desktop, which will now end up being deleted. Yech. There should be a big fat WARNING about this at the top of the post….

  • Stansmith

    bull> E486: Pattern not found: php

  • David_yates


    You don’t have permission to access /phpmyadmin
    on this server.

    Apache/2.2.20 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80

  • Nealhock

    Look dude, i had to do some more stuff on my own, to get things up and running that was not even in this tutorial. Next time do a better step by step process tutorial.

  • Lepro

    sudo apt-get  install lamp-server^ phpmyadmin

  • Gilberto Gutierrez

    Hi everyone!
    Note: The caret (^) was generally required at the end of the command in older versions of tasksel. It is not required in newer versions of tasksel.


  • D21anthony

    Your tutorial is great!!! I’ve done it this now two ways your way and the long way. This is far easier and faster. One thing I would recommend to those when setting up your phpmyadmin is making sure you select “NO” for the screen that prompts you regarding “dbconfig_common” it will ask you right after you execute the phpmyadmin install. 

  • Quakquak57

    After I type “sudo  tasksel”,
    it gets me to the selection, I select LAMP server, and it returns to the SSH.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Noone  – take a look at this to set your server up

  • FrankieBagnardi

    Thanks, that’s the easiest lamp install I’ve ever done.  What does the caret (^) mean there?   

  • joe b

    i had the same problem and it only took me 4hrs….Press spacebar to select, then TAB to the ok and press the spacebar to select the ok.

  • Guest


  • davie

    i get
    E: unable to locate package taskel.

    on a fresh install of ubuntu 64 11.10.

    can someone please point me in the right direction.

  • Jonathan Barronville

    The caret means that it’s a Taskel task. Check out the following link, I think it mentions that. Here is the link:

  • Mike

    It is late and I am old.  But I can’t seem to conjure up the USER name for the myphpadmin administrator.  I was not prompted for such a name during installation  though I was prompted for a password.  The password does me no good unless I know the user name.

  • Mike

    Well….  I told you I was an old coot…  It finally occurred to me to try phpmyadmin as the user name and it worked.

  • Mkpandey

    I am also getting the the same error. Kindly sent me detail if yu have found solution plz:). My email is

  • mourad

    thanks! it’s the easiest way to do it!

  • Dewald

    This have messed up my whole Ubuntu desktop installation. It removed all my software. Please be carefull people.

    I would have appreciated if the author had warned about this happening

  • krymenko


  • Ajhino

    holy cow.   that was ridiculously easy.  although i do appreciate the feeling of a hand by hand manual LAMP install, I think this might have just killed the need for me to ever do that again. 

  • Ajhino

    holy cow.   that was ridiculously easy.  although i do appreciate the feeling of a hand by hand manual LAMP install, I think this might have just killed the need for me to ever do that again. 

  • Ajhino

    holy cow.   that was ridiculously easy.  although i do appreciate the feeling of a hand by hand manual LAMP install, I think this might have just killed the need for me to ever do that again. 

  • Ajhino

    holy cow.   that was ridiculously easy.  although i do appreciate the feeling of a hand by hand manual LAMP install, I think this might have just killed the need for me to ever do that again. 

  • Ajhino

    holy cow.   that was ridiculously easy.  although i do appreciate the feeling of a hand by hand manual LAMP install, I think this might have just killed the need for me to ever do that again. 

  • Ezekia Matabaro

    I ‘am sorry Not helped me 

  • Alexander Meesters

     looks like your apache doesn’t recognize your php… are you sure you have installed it with the tasksel method? or dit you alter the default apache config?

  • Sangram

    The best post.
    I could perform installation successfully and using it as well.

  • Blake Galbreath

    $sudo vi /var/www/info.phpresults in ~~~~type :quit or VimI have tried different approaches at this point. I probably need to uninstall and start over.

  • daveh

     The author inadvertently typed taskel when the actual package is tasksel (as in Task Select).

  • Avaneesh

    1 ch number

  • Prashant2892

     “/var/www/info.php” E212: Can’t open file for writing

  • Bgirardo

    Thanks!  Saved me hours!  Now can you do the same for Eclipse and Android development?  ;-)         (What have you done for me lately?)

  • Prakash P Roy

    Great tutorial..well explainable. Keep it up!!

  • Exadra37

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits.

    When this tutorial says to make info.php file i get stucked, because with vi editor it was not possible to write to the file, but with gedit it was possible, but we must have root privileges to save the file.

    In order to make info.php file you must login as root:
    1. type in your terminal: sudo su

    2. now press enter

    3. insert your password 
        Note: as you type the you wont see anything, but don worry the letters are there ;)

    4. press enter

    5. now type in your terminal: $sudo gedit /var/www/info.php

    6. Copy and paste this code as you seen before in this article: 
    7. Save your file

    8. Close gedit editor

    Now you can continue this tutorial ;)

  • Saint DanBert

    When you launch ‘tasksel’ you get a panel with a list of  collections to choose from.
    At the bottom there is a single OK button.  Since I was just visiting, I wanted to cancel instead of activate any of the colletions.  I could not cancel out of the running
    ‘tasksel’ but had to close the terminal window.  Really?!

  • Stari Vid

    Hi, how can I save something in tasksel or start installing… I was try enter (go back to terminal), ‘s’ (nothing), shift ctrl s, o, x – nothing. Please help

  • Danial Collyer

    I used this tutorial when i did my installation of lamp everything worked well for me, even had phpmyadmin working yippie!!!

  • Upset Ubuntu User

    This almost wiped by whole Desktop clean! The author really should have warned against the possible implications of using this approach to install software on Ubuntu… proceed with CAUTION! 

  • Namaste31

    I don’t thank you for this article, it completely screwed up my installation afterwards !!! Now I have to reinstall ubuntu 12.04 completely !!!

    I should have followed Ubuntu’s website instructions, saying that tasksel is not the preferred method (what an euphemism…).

    Tasksel install is a “forced” install, that doesn’t take into account any dependancies and you can get into serious trouble because of that, I know about that.

    At least I know now : I will never ever again use tasksel !

  • Tim

    Thanks so much for completely wiping my 12.04 install.  I have a non-bootable system now thanks to your “helpful” instructions.  Should have read comments of other 12.04 users before trying.

  • laeeq khan

    A very useful page. helpful to the starters in LAMP.

  • Avinash Kumar Sahu

    thanks :)

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    CRAP! This tasksel is worthless….it removes most of the desktop and makes ubuntu unusable.


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    Thanx.  This came in handy!   
    Now if I can only remember what the MYSQL password was…

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    Great tutorial.  LAMP installed < 5 minutes.

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     worked for me…i’m on 12.04 too

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    I cannot open phpmyadmin at all. So how could I do then
    please send me email:

  • Chitra Sem

    I cannot open phpmyadmin at all. So how could I do then?

  • Warit

    tasksel: aptitude failed (100)

  • W Pallazzo

    People should NEVER uncheck anything in Tasksel wich is already checked by default. If you for example uncheck Ubuntu, your complete Ubuntu OS will be removed!!!

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  • Marcel

    Restart your apache server.

  • vishal garg

    Use spacebar to select the server you need to install. Make sure the asterix [*] appears before your option.

  • vishal garg

    Use spacebar to select the server you need to install. Make sure the asterix [*] appears before your option.

  • Murat Baştaş

    does this code works on all ubuntu systems?

  • Mirzakhawarbaig

     Thanks a lot
    This is easiest way of LAMP installation

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  • Todd TheDestroyer

    This tutorial was has been tested on Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin. Also tested in LinuxMint13 and works fine.

  • Todd TheDestroyer

    I recommend installing this on ubuntu server not desktop

  • Obregonzalez


    Forma correcta:

  • Obregonzalez

    Perdonen: No pude colocar bien el comentario, pero en la forma de código hay un error.

  • Gagan58456

    thanks send me all server detail of ubuntu and i dont create the squid server

  • Lin

    How do I select LAMP when it’s on the “package configuration” page?

  • thomasbandit

     thanks couldnt get it working until saw this :D

  • Gunitinug

    i did everything except installing phpmyadmin. i dont need it at this time so… i just want to run my own mediawiki site for personal use only. thx for the info!

  • eg0e

    Basically, it tells apt-get that you’re issuing a command that would normally be handled by Tasksel (Without having to first install tasksel.)
    Fairly good explanation below.

  • Alex de Lannée

    Good one, that did the trick for me! I think you create a hard link with this to your user folder where it automatically is installed in.

  • RogueSkolar

    Priceless tutorial :-]

  • Randy

    Exactly what I needed, this should be in the tutorial. Thanks1

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  • Sagir Hussain Khan

    Unfortunately during the installation I don’t care about user name and password. I just forget my user name and password. What I can do now?

  • plomobit

    Thanks, a few command. Saludos

  • Mike Monaco

    I think the people who are saying that this tutorial messed up their whole desktops didn’t de-select “ubuntu desktop” from the list of packages. could that be?

  • max


    sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ phpmyadmin

    is the best way to install lamp

  • shadowlyx

    I installed everything smotthly on Ubuntu 12.04. No glitch.
    My linux OS is working fine and nothing was wiped. So just check LAMP. Don’t uncheck other items, especially if you don’t know the implications.
    Thank you for the tutorial.

  • Sree Raju
  • Mike

    U R a complete fucking moron for not addressing the potential pitfalls in the opening paragraph of your post. Completely hosed my install because the important info was found in the comments AFTER i began the install. Do us a favor and note the cons and “dont’s” in the beginning of your articles bro.

  • Moreno

    Just came to say Thank You!
    I have followed the tutorial and it was working perfectly. Nice and clear.

    Just one thing for the people who are getting the “tasksel aptitude failed(100)”, it happened to me and was solved writing:

    $sudo apt-get update

    $sudo tasksel install lamp-server

    Thanks again for sharing!


  • adi

    very good tutorial. thanks a lot pirat9

    p.s. for all the people who commented here – YOU ARE SOME LIFE SAVERS. an extraordinary community

  • Mircea Toader

    Nice and clean instalation.
    BTW… for all deleting their GUI… tasksel is usually the default package manager in debian based linux distros… if you ever installed debian/ubuntu/mint *or the server versions* in non-graphical environment you would have been a bit familiarized with it.
    It also manages the interface. So if you have kde (kubuntu installed) you do not check it or uncheck it in the list… basically don’t mess with the rest of the list.
    I’ve installed lamp, open ssh, mail server and samba with tasksel.
    It works fine!
    Tested on Kubuntu 12.10 Beta2 x64 with 3.6 kernel manually installed.
    Now, I’ll configure ajenti over lamp. Thanx!

  • Mircea Toader

    Also, you don’t need to reinstall the entire OS if you remove the GUI/interface.
    Log in normally intro the non-graphical environment and write the specific instalation for what you want to install:
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop (this is gnome)
    sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop (this is SPARTAAA… it’s KDE)
    sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop (xfce – lightweight interface)
    sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop (lxde – lightweight but kinda ugly… XP-ish looking)

  • jamesj

    Not defending the author because he should edit the post and add the info but…
    any experienced IT pro / enthusiast would read the comments before proceeding.
    You always research what you about to do… never do it blindly.

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  • myk

    thanks,would you please,give me the procedure for creating a web page.

  • anibal montano


  • Jesus Christ on the Cross

    Waiting on this horseshit method to finish uninstalling 90% of my software, and THEN install a lampstack. Bullshit.

  • bukz

    Damn.. it ruined my desktop.. sux..

  • maurice

    Thanks for the info! I created a guide specifically for upgrading Ubuntu 12.04 to 12.10 with screenshots and all steps needed to complete the process. Check it out, looking forward to your feedback!

  • projo

    Worked fine for me. Thanks.

    I did use a simple editor since I don’t remember the vi commands.

  • lol

    crash all system FACK YOU

  • viral patel

    There are also avaliable of xampp linux version. just download it and use one command (which is also avaliable on their site).That’s it. it is install it in opt folder.

    I think it is easiest way 2 install lamp in linux

  • Aaron Hinojosa

    Definitely a better option than Tasksel. Tasksel will wipe out critical components if you are not careful and the UI is a bit confusing (e.g., unchecking a box means marking the component for removal).

  • Ashish


  • Yogesh

    Thanks man!!! I am a non-techie but your tutorial was so easy to understand and was so well explained that even I could get a LAMP running on my PC. Actually I needed it to access wikipedia dump on my computer…

  • Yogesh

    Would you please tell me what is the username and password that I have to provide on the first page of phpMyAdmin? During installation they asked for some passwords only didn’t ask for any user name and when I am providing my laptop’s username I m not able to log in… Thanks I got it from another post here

  • mrakhlak

    vim sucks , use gedit to edit files guys

  • FUCK

    FUCK U


  • regex

    what’s wrong with tasksel? it removes ubuntu (12.10) packages o,o
    any idea?…

  • Jack Sparrow

    After this operation crash my entire system then i need to re install whole ubuntu 12.10.. I think it dont work. so please perform this process by your own risk..

  • ahhhhhhhhhhh

    AHHHH!!!!!! I am so very upset right now. My Ubuntu 12.04 system has been completely hosed by taking the advice of this tutorial to use Taskel. And now after seeing the comments I realize that I’m just one of many who have had their systems completely hosed by thinking that this article was doing us a favor.

    The joke’s on us! Congratulations!

  • Honey Buzz

    i installed it in ubuntu 12.10 quantel and it is installed perfectly ;)

  • arg

    you must die due to your hazardous post

  • NobuCMH

    thank you

  • hookability

    I recommend editing the file with gedit
    the command would be: sudo gedit/var/www/info.php

  • Arun

    I agree, I have been using XAMPP on windows for a while. With linux, i feel the biggest advantage is being standalone [not setup style approach] and XAMPP does it just right !

  • Chris

    sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ phpmyadmin >>>>>>>> The reason this may not work for some is because there is an extra space after apt-get. For everyone else whining, show some respect for the one’s sharing knowledge. If it doesn’t work for you, you made a mistake and it’s OKAY! To everyone else, thanks for sharing……

  • Rangpuriya

    Thanks a lot. My problem was solved by your tips!

  • Kevin Varnon

    Hi i got installed php and mysql with apache2.2 with this tutorial. Its nice. Thank you.

  • Orb

    Just letting people know that there’s a space missing between gedit and the path. Also, you probably should use gksudo instead of sudo, since gedit is a graphical application.

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  • Typo

    I think your problem may be that you create “”, instead of “info.php”. Read instructions carefully.

  • Alejandro Rubio

    Wow, that was easy! Thanks! Seriously, I’ve done this several times and never had it go so painlessly!

  • alane

    Yep disregard all the negative comments – this gives useful advice. I imagine that anyone that had their Ubunto install messed up had omitted to uncheck the ubuntu desktop install before checking the lamp install. Maybe this should have been part of the instructions but you cant account for everything.

  • alane

    also you may have to edit a conf file for Apache to start in the browser – see

  • brandon miller

    from what I understand, if it’s listed and you uncheck the box…it will be removed…what a pain in the ass. now i gotta get an engineer involved to bail me out. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat

  • Daniel Bagge

    Ohh noo ****ing hell.. You’re right that UI is misleading.

  • iC0nvict!

    He doesn’t even uses vim. He says “vi” not “vim”
    Oh my gosh..

    Regards, convict!

  • sriharsha

    Hai i followed your instruction but while trying for.


    i got

    Not Found

    The requested URL /phpmyadmin was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80

    as output please help me to fix this problem

  • tysat

    Worst guide ever, using taskel and didn’t read the comments first…. uninstalled a bunch of crap because of it

  • Riju

    thnx man…this tip really helped…


  • n1ck0las

    Common sense kept me from unchecking anything already checked. This is common to come across on Linux, and it would be worth pausing to think about before cursing the author.

    I should also add that it’s a right of passage to completely f**k up a Linux install at least once.

  • Frank

    I don’t know about you guys but I prefer to install LAMP in a single click after reading about other methods.

    Don’t know if you are allowed to link to other guides here or not but this one seemed to help as it had alot of screenshots,

    They had two different installation methods there too which was nice.

  • SunnyDaze

    Here is the one-line LAMP install that works:

    sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

    That’s it!

    PHPMyAdmin depends on all the other stuff, like PHP, and MySQL, so all dependencies are installed. You just answer questions when they pop up, and please remember any passwords you create. I believe your root password for MySQL is also your root password for PHPMyAdmin.

    Sometimes the phpmyadmin.cnf file isn’t created, so you must create it,
    and add the proper code, but that is more info than I want to put in this comment.

  • Tshepo

    try netstart command locate the process holding the port & kill it.

  • Michael T

    You shouldn’t be so stupid, in the first time.

  • Ardy

    i follow this tutorial completely after fresh reformat my ubuntu server and worked now.

    but, when i want to ssh my vps using putty, it say ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused. what happen? by the way, i select to install LAMP server and openssh server to be install. now what to do?

  • guest

    It helped me. Thanks.

  • Wayne Riesterer

    This worked perfectly for me. Thanks :)

  • DumbGuy

    Very nice, I’ve been able to remove all my ubuntu desktop because I unchecked it as my printing service… maybe you could put a warning on your article.
    Or tasksel devs should add a confirmation message??!!

  • nigel

    Good stuff

  • Atul Makwana


  • Dima

    I really hate you! You fucked up all my Ubuntu installation! Now I need to reinstall it again!

  • Timothy Mwirabua

    OMG! Thats the worst UI I have ever seen in my whole life! I was uninstalling ubuntu desktop without knowing. And thats why I have had to reinstall a brocken OS 3 times today. Damnit!

  • looper89

    What ever you do don’t deselect anything, bad, bad, bad things happen. I just watched it slowly remove everything that was installed. :-(

  • Rubens Mariuzzo

    Same for me… and I don’t know why.

  • bywongdude

    nice….but no warning to NOT uncheck just wastes time and effort. FAIL.

  • rme

    Worked fine, thanks!

    Did not ‘uncheck’ any any Tasksel packages (i.e. Desktop).

    Note: If Vi (Vim) locks (crashes) must delete resulting swap file (e.g., .info.php.swp) in /var/www/ dir which is root permissions. Use “sudo chmod 777 /var/www/ -c” and then “sudo find -name ‘.*.swp’ | xargs rm -f” then redo info.php with Vim. Change permisions back with “sudo chmod 755 /var/www/ -c”

  • Sean Davis

    That was so much easier. Thank you!

  • Chris

    Biggest bullshit ever! This deinstalls everything. Everything.

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