Install kde 4.4 in Fedora 12|Howto

On 9th February 2010, KDE Software Compilation 4.4.0 was released.Now If you are under fedora 12 kde and you want to upgrade to the new 4.4 version then follow the instructions described in this quick howto.

1- Open the Terminal and under root user go to the directory /etc/yum.repo.d

su -
cd /etc/yum.repo.d

2- Download the repository of KDE source


3- Now update your system using this command :

yum groupupdate kde-desktop

4- reboot your system.

And is done.

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  • Brandon

    KDE 4.4 is in Fedora 12’s updates repo, this method is no longer needed.

    I would update the article as following those steps will eventually lead to the alpha of KDE 4.5 when its out.

  • Loren


    According to [url=][/url] it looks like you can easily go to the repo folder and delete the kde file once KDE 4.4 is installed, so the system doesnt uprade to KDe 4.5 unstable:

    Login as root:

    Go to the repo directory:
    [code]cd /etc/yum.repos.d/[/code]

    Delete Repo:
    [code]rm kde.repo[/code]

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