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Installing just VirtualBox , sometimes, does not resolves some of the problems. For example, seamless movement between host OS and guest will not work without installing Guest Additions.USB devices may not work without installing GuestAdditions, fullscreen mode not available also to copy/past test between the Host OS and the Guest OS not working. GuestAdditions are installed in the Guest OS where as VirtualBox is installed on the host.

So When you install virtualbox the first time, the maximum resolution is 800X600

To activate the fullscreen mode, we need to install Guest additions in the guest OS , in my case is Ubuntu10.04 Lucid Lynx Alpha2.

Note : The same steps can be used for other linux distributions.

1- First go to Device –> Install Guest Additions (Screenshot 1)

2 – Now click yes , then click Download to start downloading the Virtual Guest additions image from the internet (Pic1 & 2)

Pic3 : Click download

The download will start :

3- When guest additions is downloaded ,click Mount to Mount the image :

Pic5- Click Mount

The image will be Mounted to the desktop. Now open the image and click on the file you want to install (Pic6) :

Pic6 : Click (Linux)

And click on to run the Guest Additions (For Linux machines)

For opensolaris run VBoxsolarisAdditions.pkg

If you want to install Guest Additions on windows then run the .exe file.

Installing :


After installation is finished, restart your virtualBox machine and after, go to System –>Preferences –>Displays and change the resolution

Now activate fullscreen mode, go to Machine –>Fullscreen Mode or Host + F :

If you want to install Guest Additions via command line, run the commands :

cd /media/cdrom/VBOXADDITIONS_3

then run the command :


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