Install google Chrome in Mint | Ubuntu

The  google Chrom  browser  is not  yet  Official in  Linux   still  under  devellopement .  i  have  test ed  this   under  my  Linuxmint 8 RC1 that   mean  should  be  working  for  other ubuntu   based  systems.

To be  honest  ,  the difference is clear .. Google Chrome and Chromium are 2 different browsers. The first is obviously a product of Google and the second (chromium) is the project that is based on first (Chrome). Besides that chromium is OpenSource:)
Today I want to explain how to install  google chrome on linuxmint ,will work also on Ubuntu .

Open a console and type:

sudo gedit / etc / apt / sources.list

In the end of  the  file  add this :


deb stable main deb

Save and close


Add the GPG key as well:

wget -q  -O- | sudo apt-key add -

then type

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get  install  google-chrome-unstable


Now  start   your Chrom from menu>Internet> Google Chrom