Howto use your Linux computer as a media center with Elisa


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 Windows as mac has the ability to turn your computer into a media center, for linux there are a number of open source that can do this , Elisa is one of these open sources than can make you use your Linux computer as a Media center.

  I -The Elisa Media Center

 The Elisa Media Center has many advanced features that will make your media center experience unique. It features an intuitive interface with a professional look and  feel which can be easily used with a standard TV remote control.

It has a tight integration with the internet and allows you to watch YouTube videos, listen to Shoutcast, view photos from Flickr and many other popular internet services.

Also Automatically detects iPods, cameras, hard drives, etc.., and automatically finds media from other computers on your local network and more other options, It is also extensible via the use of plugins.

II- Installing Elisa

For ubuntu :

The installation is easy ,just download it from this link

Download the debian package and open it with ubuntu package manager .

For Mandriva :

Elisa in included on the package manager of Mandriva, you need just to run this command to install it:

su -
urpmi elisa

For Fedora and Linpus (Acer aspirone) :

First you have to add some repositories free and no free

then install Elisa by the command :

su -
yum install elisa

Elisa is installed. 

For Debian Lenny :

Download it from this link

For Open suse :

Elisa is included in Packman repository this mean that you have to add first the these repository to your installation see how to add packman repository to opensuse

  After the repository is added you can install Elisa using the command :

 zypper install elisa  

 Is done !




Remember that there are other Open source Media center softwares like XBMC  …



N.B :Please feel free to ask help installing Elisa or any other Open source Media Center  on Linux