Mozilla Firefox 122: A New Milestone for Linux Users

New Milestone for Linux Users

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Firefox 122, is now available for download, marking a significant update for Linux users. This release is particularly notable for including a DEB package built by Mozilla, catering specifically to Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu or Linux Mint. This development is a boon for users who prefer not to use containerized bundles like Snap or Flatpak.

The release of Mozilla Firefox 122 with its DEB package also comes at a time when online privacy and security are more important than ever, particularly for users who rely on VPN routers for an added layer of protection, by offering an optimized version of Firefox for Debian-based Linux distributions, users who ExpressVPN routers can benefit from a more streamlined and secure browsing experience. This is crucial since these routers often manage encrypted data and require efficient browser performance to maintain speed and reliability. The improved security features and performance optimizations in Firefox 122 align well with the security-focused ethos of VPN router users, ensuring a safer and more efficient online experience.

Key Features of Firefox 122

Official DEB Package for Linux

Mozilla’s introduction of the official DEB package in Firefox 122 marks a significant milestone for users of Debian-based Linux distributions. This strategic move caters to a growing demand for native application packages seamlessly integrating with the system’s package management. Here’s an extended look into why this development is crucial and beneficial:

Enhanced System Integration and Performance

The DEB package for Firefox 122 is not just a convenience but a strategic enhancement for Linux users. Built directly by Mozilla, it is tailored to mesh flawlessly with Debian-based systems like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and others. This native integration translates to improved performance and stability. The advanced compiler-based optimizations mean that Firefox is not just running on Linux; it’s optimized for it. These optimizations could include better memory management, faster loading times, and smoother rendering of web pages, making the most of the Linux system’s capabilities.

Hardened Security with Binaries

Mozilla’s emphasis on hardened binaries is a testament to their commitment to security. These binaries have been compiled with all security flags enabled, ensuring that each component of Firefox is as resistant as possible to vulnerabilities and exploits. This approach reduces the risk of security breaches, making Firefox 122 a more secure option for users concerned about online threats.

Streamlined Update Process

A key advantage of the official DEB package is its integration with the system’s update mechanism. This integration ensures that updates to Firefox are delivered promptly and installed seamlessly. Users can benefit from the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches as soon as they are available without manual intervention. Eliminating the need to restart the browser after updates further enhances the user experience, ensuring that productivity and browsing sessions are uninterrupted.

Implications for Linux Distribution Developers

For developers of Debian-based distributions, the availability of an official DEB package from Mozilla is a game-changer. It relieves them of the burden of creating and maintaining their own DEB packages of Firefox. This development is particularly significant for smaller distributions or those with limited resources, as it allows them to focus on other aspects of their distribution while still offering their users a top-tier web browsing experience.

Future-Proofing and Community Feedback

Mozilla’s decision to offer an official DEB package also suggests a forward-thinking approach, considering the evolving needs and preferences of the Linux community. By providing a DEB package, Mozilla acknowledges the importance of community feedback and shows a willingness to adapt to the preferences of Linux users who favor traditional packaging methods over containerized solutions like Snap or Flatpak.

Improved Built-in Translation

Firefox 122 enhances the quality of translations provided by the browser’s built-in feature. This improvement aims to offer more stable translations, addressing issues like content disappearance or interactive widgets breaking during the translation process.

Enhanced Web Browser Compatibility

The update aligns Firefox’s line-breaking rules with the Unicode Standard, ensuring better compatibility. It also introduces language-aware word selection support for East Asian and South East Asian languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, Lao, Khmer, and Thai, enhancing the user experience for a significant user base.

Privacy Enhancements and WebRTC Improvements

Firefox 122 brings new features to safeguard user privacy and improve web compatibility. It introduces cacheAPI data storage in private browsing mode and taint filters using currentColor to protect sensitive information. For WebRTC services, it enables Uneven Level Protection Forward Error Correction (ULPFEC) by default, enhancing video quality for users with unstable internet connections.

Developer-Focused Additions

Developers will find new tools and features in Firefox 122, such as support for animating the SVG viewBox attribute using SMIL, the LargestContentfulPaint API, and enhancements to the CSS properties like offset-path. Moreover, the browser now supports the ArrayBuffer prototype and transfer proposal methods, improving ArrayBuffer data management.

Removal of Certain Features

Notably, Firefox 122 has removed the “Snippets” option and the “Search Bar” settings from its configuration, streamlining the user interface and focusing on core functionalities.

For Android Users

Android users are not left behind, with Firefox 122 introducing features like reporting the OS version as “Android 10” to minimize user fingerprinting and the option to set Firefox as the default PDF reader.


Firefox 122 represents a significant step forward for Linux users, particularly those using Debian-based systems. By offering an official DEB package, Mozilla has shown its commitment to providing a more tailored and efficient experience for this segment of its user base. Along with improvements in translation quality, privacy enhancements, and new developer features, Firefox 122 is a compelling update for a wide range of users.