How to Install and configure Pandora Flexible Monitoring System in ubuntu and other debian based systems

Pandora FMS (for Pandora Flexible Monitoring System) is software solution for monitoring. Pandora FMS allows monitoring in a visual way the status and performance of several parameters from different operating systems, servers, applications and hardware systems such as firewalls, proxies, databases, web servers or routers.

Pandora FMS can be deployed in almost any operating system. It has remote monitoring (WMI, SNMP, TCP. UDP, ICMP, HTTP…) and using agents. An agent is available for each platform. It can also monitor hardware systems with a TCP/IP stack, as load balancers, routers, network switches, printers or firewalls.

Pandora FMS has several servers that process and get information from different sources, using WMI for gathering remote Windows information, a predictive server, a plugin server who makes complex user-defined network tests, an advanced export server to replicate data between different sites of Pandora FMS, a network discovery server and a SNMP Trap console.

the most important points for Pandora are:

– SQL backend.
– Native centralized Web User interface to manage all monitoring.
– Distributed monitoring.
– Very poweful agent monitoring, specially on Windows.
– Stateful monitoring AND performance monitoring.
– Nice reporting and graphs.
– HA ready
– Support for all OSes

Today we will show you how to install Pandora in Ubuntu and other Debian based systems

To  install   Pandora FMS for   Ubuntu  or  debian your   need  some  extra  dependencies

sudo apt-get install snmp snmpd libtime-format-perl libxml-simple-perl libnetaddr-ip-perl libdbi-perl  libxml-simple-perl libnetaddr-ip-perl 
libhtml-parser-perl wmi-client xprobe2 nmap libmail-sendmail-perl traceroute libio-socket-multicast-perl libapache2-mod-php5 apache2
 mysql-server php5-gd php5-mysql php-pear php5-snmp php-db php-gettext graphviz php-pear php5-gettext mysql-client php-db php-xmlrpc


Now go to pandora website and download the debian package for ubuntu or for debian depend wher you want to install pandora

Now cd the directory where you downloaded the debian packages. in my case :

root@pirat9-laptop:/home/pirat9/Downloads# ls

pandorafms.agent_3.0.0.deb    pandorafms.server_3.0.0.deb


Now let`s start with the installation ,we have to install the console, the agent and the Server :

  • Install the console :
sudo dpkg  -i  pandorafms.console_3.0.0.deb 

  • Install The Agent
sudo  dpkg  -i  pandorafms.agent_3.0.0.deb 


  • Install The Server
sudo dpkg  -i  pandorafms.server_3.0.0.deb 

Now, lets go to the console, open your browser and type :



– Go to step 2 with Next


– If everything is green go to next :

go next

After this you have to move install.php to  /var/www/pandora_console

Now open the browser again and login with user admin en password pandora

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