How to enable proxy on opensuse 11.3

Quesion : How to configure the proxy in Opensuse to be able to use zypper,Yast ….?opensuse

There are 2 ways to configure the proxy in Opensuse:

1-Command line  methode:

To configure proxy using this methode, open terminal and type this command to edit proxy file

nano  /etc/sysconfig/proxy

Then add these lines :



If  you  are  using a username and  password  for  your  proxy  make the above lines looks like this :


save  and  exit

Login again to  your  system.

Yast and zypper are working now behind the proxy.

2- Graphical  methode:

Open  yast admin system  manager  and in  the  Filter box  type  “proxy”

Now enable  the  proxy  and  add  your proxy  settings :

Now click Ok  and  login again . now  you will be able  to  download  and  to  use your software manager and  other  things behind the proxy.

Is done:.

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