GNOME Activity Journal 0.3.3 is out!

The second development release of GNOME Activity Journalis released, this release is codenamed “Patrick Star meets Lady Gaga”. The new release comes with some few new features ,so alongside the “Pretty layout”, “Pinning of stuff, “Calendar scrubbing” and the experimental “Tracker Search”, “Detailed Day View” accessible over left clicking the day label, “Thumbnail View” accessible over right clicking the day label, remove Items from the Journal, also a lot of bugs have been fixed alongside caching and performance improvements.

Detail view :

Thumbnail View (Accessible over right click):

If you diden`t hear before about Gnome activity journal, it is is a tool for easily browsing and finding files on your computer. It keeps a chronological journal of all file activity and supports tagging and establishing relationships between groups of files. For installation instructions you can visit our previous tutorial : Gnome Activity journal- A tool for easily browsing,finding,tracking files on your computer


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