GhostBSD 1.0 amd is speaking BSD


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This  version  is friendly distributions of FreeBSD based on gnome.The GhostBSD project’s goal is to improve Gnome desktop environment  on a  FreeBSD system.

Base on FreeBSD-8-64amd-stable
Run on Gnome 2.28.2.
updated  Firefox to 3.6.
there is  no gnome-games and Epyphany. but  add some use full apps like Thunderbird, Abiword, Gnumeric, Geany, Planner and Gimp.
Some user of GhostBSD ask for it.
You can use sudo and su In terminal with out password.

is  recommended to have 252MB of ram minimum to have the full experience of Gnome. But can run on less Then 252MB.