Fedora 11 LXDE Remix is available


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Fedora 11 LXDE Remix is available
Rahul Sundaram announced today the release of a new Fedora 11 remix, especially created for those who want a lightweight desktop environment.
LXDE aims to provide a faster, more efficient desktop experience while maintaining a pleasant and full-featured user interface. Mobile devices, cloud machines, netbooks or old computers can benefit from the low CPU and RAM consumption of LXDE. Some of its highlights are multi-language support, keyboard shortcuts, tabbed browsing (through the PCMan File Manager), ease of use, desktop independence, standard compliance and more. LXDE comes with its own selection of software such as Leafpad for basic text editing tasks, Openbox window manager, LXTerminal, LXMusic – a customized version of XMMS2 audio player, LXRandR for monitor configuration, LXSession Edit or LXPanel, providing quick access to important functions.
The download is available at :
Refer to http://lxde.org/ for more details.