Elive 2.0 "Topaz " – A Linux distribution that combine the stability, speed and beauty

After 2 years of of development, Elive 2.0 landed under the codename “Topaz”.  The new release comes with many improvments. Elive “Topaz” is based on debian and use Enlightenment 17 as a default desktop .The authors of Elive claim that it offers great visual appear even with minimal hardware resources. The minimum hardware for running Elive is a 100 Mhz CPU and 64 MB of RAM, but the minimum recommended hardware is 300 Mhz and 128 Mb of RAM. You do not need any special graphics card or 3D acceleration to run Elive.

Elive 2.0 is distributed in one installable LiveCD image that you can download from the elive website. You  can also boot from a USB storage device, its own installer can even update old installations. It is free to Downloads and use Elive live cd , but if you want to install it on your hard disk you need to make a donation or better say make a payment of your choice that start from 15$.

I believe that if you test Elive on your computer or virtual machine you will get improssioned by the beauty and the speed of Elive.

Elive 2.0 Release notes:

  • Autolaunchers: Entirely rewrited with better stability and more features
  • User Configurators: A lot of user configurators added for configure anything, like touchpad, FIXME
  • Drivers: Kernel with support of special hardware and other features like tuxonice (hibernation), reiser4, and lots more
  • Compiz !: If you want to use the Compiz features (ecomorph) you can do it directly on the fly without the need of a special version of Elive, on the other hand, we recommend to use it only for play and demos since it makes your system more unstable. If you are a C coder and has some knowledges of the X libs, you are welcome to help this project and to fix the minor bugs.
  • 3G Phones supported with 364 providers available for any country
  • Look: Some things of the look are now even better than before
  • Elpanel: Removed and moved everything to a more standard and unique place for the configurations
  • Bluetooth supported
  • Trayer included
  • Shared Folders also know as samba it is directly suported in Elive in a very easy way to use, thanks LinuxNIT for these nice applications and some others too!
  • USB bootable: Create your own bootable USB sticks !
  • OSS compatibility for games and strange applications that doesn’t support alsa
  • Entrance Autologin supported
  • Broadcom 43xx works now with 2 different optional drivers
  • Ssh: Some handy features for ssh like special prompt coloring when you are in a ssh session so that not confuse your login, also, you can directly access to enlightenment_remote features or run things on the graphical system without need to set special variables
  • Audio Configurator: If you have more than one audio card, you can select the right one at any moment!, this feature is very useful for me when I’m working on the night and I need to switch to the card that is set to my headphones. You can also play with Elive multiple audio sources without problems.
  • Special Kernels: You can install on your installed Elive systems, special kernels that for example includes support for more than 4 GB of ram without the need of a 64 bit-OS, (in the nurse special mode)
  • Translations: Elive supports now more languages, by default they are automatically translated, but you are welcome to collaborate with these translations by using Eltrans.
  • User-Friendly: Never an operating system was that easy and userfriendly to use as Elive 2.0, the list is huge, and the goal is that even senior people can use Elive 2.0 without problems. Some examples are:
  • and  many other

Here are some screenshots ( Click on the screenshots for full size):




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