Developers Fork Mandriva Linux, Creating Mageia

Most of the Mandriva employees working on the Linux distribution were laid off due to the liquidation of Edge-IT (a subsidiary of Mandriva SA) and trust in the company has diminished, the development community (including the core developers) has decided to fork the project.


“Forking an existing open source project is never an easy decision to make, and forking Mandriva Linux is a huge task.

It was not an impulsive decision. We all spoke a lot before: former employees, Cooker contributors and users’ communities. We collected opinions and reactions in the past weeks as we needed to get some kind of global agreement and to gather, before going ahead.

We believe a fork is the best solution and we have decided to create a new distribution: Mageia.

The new Linux distribution, named Mageia, will be managed by a not-for-profit organization that will be set up in the coming days.

Mageia is a community project: it will not depend on the fate of a particular company.

“A not-for-profit organization will be set up in the coming days and it will be managed by a board of community members. After the first year this board will be regularly elected by committed community members.

This organization will manage and coordinate the distribution: code & software hosting and distribution, build system, marketing, foster communication and events. Data, facts, roadmaps, designs will be shared, discussed through this organization.”

There are already many people that have decided to follow the fork, but the people behind it are still welcoming any help offered in the various tasks related to establishing the new distribution.”

Useful Links: Slashdot, mageia, Linuxtoday

  • faceman

    The coders have been in charge of the Mandriva distribution far too long. As soon as management tried to assert control and direction, the coders up and left to start Mageia.

    These are the same closed minded people who have been ignoring the Mandriva user community for years!

  • zero

    Spoken like the ass end of a two-assed horse.

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  • Dubbdidoo

    I believe Mageia could be a great restart for the developers to give them a fresh motivation