Desktop Webmail- Set up default access to Hotmail, Gmail,Yahoo and Zoho from your Ubuntu desktop

Desktop Webmail provides a generic mailto: handler and webmail config dialog that lets the user choose his preferred webmail provider on first run and through the desktops Preferences->Webmail facility.
When clicking on mailto: links on your desktop or in your browser desktop-webmail will take care that the user gets redirected to his webmail of choice’s compose webpage with the proper fields pre-filled in.

Currently default webmail providers are: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Zoho.

Currently Desktop webmail is available in Ubuntu 10.04 and ubuntu 10.10 repositories. You can install this application  from Ubuntu software center or by entring the following command line:

sudo apt-get install desktop-webmail

Now go to Ubuntu menu  applications–>Internet–>Desktop Webmail



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  • Rodrigo

    Nice application. thanks

  • PS

    Anyone know if this can be adapted for a Google Apps email sign in, or anything similar for an Apps account?

  • Anonymous

    You can configure Desktop Webmail to support “Google Apps for email”, edit desktop-webmail.ini in ~/.config/desktop-webmail to looks like: default-url=

  • Kelli Dakota Downing

    I can’t get this to work for me in Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome classic desktop.