dead Linux commands

Please dont these commands in Your machine . for any other question please post it in the Forum .




Dont yet completed article (wait zinoune)

#chown nobody:nobody -R /
#chmod 000 -R


#cd ~; for x in `ls`; do mv -f $x $y; y=$x; done

This will shift the names of all the files in the users home directory. none of the file names will match their contents.

3- Not something you would do by accident (i would hope) but

cat /dev/random > ~/.backup &

is a great way to screw with someone, especially if the sysadmin has put limits on each user’s home directory

tell them it’s running some sort of diagnostic and it needs to run for an hour or so…

4-I like the commands that drive others nuts

(ext2/3 only)

cd /

chattr -R +i *

Now sit back and watch people go nuts none of the files or dirs on the system can be modded or removed (reboots usually don’t succeed )

5- 4 years ago, i destroyed a linux by misstiping a command.

i wanted to write:

vi /etc/passwd

but I wrote (as root):

vi >/etc/passwd

the > key is on a swiss keyboard right of shift-key. The shift key is also used for a /.
After that command, the passwd file is empty.
Userdata and system keeps on disk.

But no more login possible.

Lucky, that i could restore /etc/passwd from backup and had a running root Terminal.

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