How to Convert .rpm files to .deb files in Ubuntu


How to convert rpm to debian file debian/ubuntu or other ubuntunor debian based distro ?linux-logo.png


Download the rpm file you want to convert,for example file-name.rpm

make Ubuntu Universe repository active , then

$sudo apt-get update
Now install the Debian  converter :Alien using this command :
$sudo apt-get install alien

Now convert the rpm file with :

$sudo alien -k file-name.rpm

The out put is file-name.deb

Now install the deb file with the command bellow or just by clicking on the package

$sudo dpkg -i file-name.deb

Alternatively you can simply install rpm files, This command converts rpm to deb then installs the deb file, after it will delete the temporary .deb created

sudo alien -i file-name.rpm 

for more option of alien tool please type :

$man  alien