Changing Sudo Password Remembering Time in Ubuntu|Debian

 When you use a sudo command normally  the password is saved for 15 minutes, If you want to change sudo remembering time in ubuntu, you need to change the configuration of visudo. This post explain you how to change sudo remembering time in Ubuntu, debian.

To start, open terminal and type the following command:

sudo visudo

2- Now look for this line :

Defaults        env_reset

Now change it to :

Defaults        env_reset , timestamp_timeout = X

X is the time which we remember the sudo password .

Now Press Ctrl+x and save .

Via icewalkerz.

  • Chris

    It would be beneficial to state the format for the time variable in the Defaults line. I’m running on the assumption that it is in minutes since that’s the most reasonable interval to use for this option.

  • sindhuja

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  • sindhuja

    what is ‘x’?(secomds or minutes or hours)