Change window buttons from Left to right in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx | Script

As you can see in ubuntu 10.04 Lucid the button of the window are located on left instead of the usual place on the right of the window, if you want to have the buttons back to the right then use windows button script :

First Download the script form this Link

Now cd the folder where you downloaded the script, in my case :

cd /home/zinovsky/Downloads

– Make the script executable :


sudo chmod +x 123360-123360-Change Window

Now Run the script :


./123360-123360-Change Window

After you will got this screen to choose the location where you want to have the buttons :

I changed the button to the right, here it is the result :

{loadposition user9}

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{loadposition user1}

  • Ronald

    Awesome! Bookmarked.

  • Trey

    things of this nature should always be as simple as you have made it, THANK YOU

  • LE

    Thanks very much :D

  • saad

    Nice script but a bit overly complicated. Just follow the instructions on this link:

  • tinuz

    Why use the script if the window buttons can be moved by using Ubuntu Tweak (Window Manager Settings)

  • Zinovsky

    We used this script to move the window buttons to the right because this option was not available yet in ubuntu Tweak


    just the following command in Terminal:
    sudo gconftool-2 –type string –set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout "menu:minimize,maximize,close"