Alien Arena 2011 version 7.50 has been released! Installation instructions for Ubuntu & LinuxMint

Alien Arena 2011 version 7.50 has been released, The latest version(7.50) of the open sourced, freeware deathmatch shooter comes with many new features like: Ragdoll physics using the Open Dynamics physics engine, Revamped in-game IRC client, GNU AutoTools for Linux/Unix/MacOS installation, True Type Font support, Two brand new maps, one revamped map and New music by renowned musician Paul Joyce. Also in this new release, the Alien Arena Team implemented the use of AutoTools for easier and more consistent Linux/Unix/MacOS compilation.

About Alien Arena :

{xtypo_quote}Alien Arena is a free, stand-alone first-person shooter computer game based on source code released by id Software. Begun by COR Entertainment in 2004, the game combines a 1950s-era sci-fi atmosphere with gameplay similar to the Quake, Doom, and Unreal Tournament series. Alien Arena focuses mainly on online multiplayer action, although it does contain single-player matches against bots{/xtypo_quote}

Find more informations about Alien Arena in this Link.



Installation :

To compile Alien Arena in Debian based systems (Ubuntu, LinuxMint…) follow these steps:

1- First you need to compile the game:

 sudo apt-get build-dep alien-arena

2- Install extra dependencies that maybe was not installed using the command above:

sudo apt-get install libode-dev

2- Now compile and install the game

sudo make install

To run the game open  ALT+F2 and type crx then hit enter, or just open terminal and type crx.

Download Alien Arena 2011

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