Ailurus 10.04.2 is released.

The major improvement is that you can launch specific function alone. Except “install software” function, other functions can be started within one second. The shortcuts are in “Applications” menu -> “System Tools” item -> “Ailurus – Quick Start” item.


Another major improvement is that Ailurus can do cleaning up now, such as Ailurus cache, APT cache, YUM cache and unused Linux Kernel.

MA Yue adds these features:
customize GNOME shortcut keys
display software license
improve Eclipse installation speed
add tool-tip text for one-click changing font size
improve UI of GNOME splash image: use image button instead of text box
re-arrange items in “Install software” pane
add PiTiVi: video editor
fix bug in “speed up Firefox” function
add WorldOfPadman: 3D shooter game
change icon of “Ailurus quick start” folder
add Acire: a python code snippets manager
add Eclipse VEditor: a Verilog editor
add Firefox 3.6 for Ubuntu 8.04~9.10
add OpenGL version
add Firefox Stylish extension

HUANG Wei adds these features:
add Audacious2: music editor

QI Chengjie adds these features:
change icon of Application menu

change icon of login window
clean “recent documents” list
add Macchanger: change MAC address
add Blue-tooth support
add Startup manager: change GRUB theme
add PowerTop: reduce laptop power consumption
add Umbrello: draw UML diagram
add Minicom & ckermit
add Ubuntu Studio Theme
add VirtualBox Open Source Edition
add ImageMagicK: an image editor
fix a bug: more packages will be removed if uninstall gstreamer

Homer Xing adds these features:
fix a bug: “apt-get update” is not run after installing a third party repository
“apt-get update” is run two times before installing skype
install repositories before any software
fix a bug: SELinux error on Fedora (issue 176, 171, 159, 158)
fix a bug: Change tendency of swapping memory to disk makes Ailurus crash (issue 158, 163, 151)
fix a bug: Mulimedia codec failed to install in Fedora 12 (issue 179)
check dbus state before starting up
we can launch specific function alone now
remove unused icons, in order to reduce size of source code tarball
fix a bug: Ailurus cannot be started if /sbin/sysctl failed
fix a bug: Ailurus cannot be started if argv is “ailurus –fast”
fix a bug: deb package on googlecode cannot be installed in Ubuntu Jaunty
fix a bug: cannot change memory swappiness on Mint
fix a bug: duplicated software package name are listed if apt-get failed
fix a bug: left tree-view expand error on ArchLinux
reduce R-language packages
acquire root privilege before installation
fix bugs in “customize GNOME shortcut key” function
add “fastest repository” function for Fedora
reduce source code size. use Chdir class instead of FileServer class. improve get_reason function. reduce code size of details attribute and license attribute.
fetch PPA information via web service
do not raise error if use cancel operation
fix bugs in Mplayer-vod installation
fix bugs in Firefox AutoProxy installation

CHEN Yangyang adds these features:
add “check new version” function for Fedora and Mint
display remaining time when detecting repository response time
add “clean up Ailurus cache”, “clean up APT cache” and “clean up Linux Kernel” function
add “RPM recovery” function
do not abnormally exit even if icons cannot be loaded
put “quick start” shortcuts in a sub-menu
make it possible to run multiple Ailurus instances concurrently
reduce start up time of “clean up” pane
query user before exit
add OSD-Lyrics repository, and application
improve “quickly install popular software” button