AfterStep -Just another windows manager for Linux


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AfterStep is a window manager for the Unix X Window System . Originally based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface, it provides end users with a consistent, clean, and elegant desktop. The goal of AfterStep development is to provide for flexibility of desktop configuration, improving aestetics, and efficient use of system resources.

There are a many different window managers that can be installed, like KDE, Xfce, Blackbox and Fluxbox.

Today will show you the installation and activation of AfterStep on ubuntu. The installation is easy ,you will have to open terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install afterstep 

when the installation is finished logout of your system, then go to :

option —> Session windows and then choose afterstep like is described in the screenshots bellow:

Go to Option :

And select session :

Then choose Afterstep :

Now choose if you want to use it as default or just for this session

This how look AfterStep :

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