After Digg, now is reddit who says yes to Cassandra DB

After Twitter and digg, now is Reddit who announced yesterday that they switched their database to NoSQL Cassandra database; this is the second big social bookmark  that switch to cassandra in two days. As i mentioned in my previous article, Cassandra is an open source project that develops a highly scalable second-generation distributed database.


Reddit explained the reason of this move “In case you are wondering why we chose Cassandra: it is way faster, more scalable, and has a rich and active development community full of extremely smart and helpful people. It’s in use or going to be in use by several large companies (Twitter, Facebook, digg, Rackspace). We have the ability to add nodes as load and storage requires, and we have the ability to move non-cache type data into it as appropriate.”

Reddit had experienced many problems with database cache in the past, which they tried to resolve by adding a bunch more RAM to their systems, this was a temporary solution for the problem until to put a better solution. By opting for Cassandra we can say that they found the best solution for the problem.

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