Activate and Configuer Postfix on Centos and RHEL

Lets   Give  a  definiton of  Postfix . its a mail  server  working like  a  alternative  of   senmail . the   config  file  is  is  simpler  then the   file ,  but  its  always  adviced  to make a baclfile before to make some changes. lets  show  you  how  to  install    this  tool    first ,


yum  install postfix

rpm  -ivh   postfix-xxxxxx   if  your  re  not  connected  to  internet

The  installation directory   is  /etc/postfix

now.  how  to   edit  the  file

First  you  have to  activate  this  line  to   show the your  computer   hostname


Now  you  have    to  point The   domain hostname

#hostname =

Activate  myorigine  directive



You  have  to  lines  to  limit   listening  to   local  or  all  computers

#inet interfaces = all

#inet interfaces = localhost

Now  youa  have  to  set  mynetword   directive  to  network adress  that    you have to  serv

#mynetworks =,


Configure  and start   postfix

after  editing en saving  file  its  now time to  start the  postfix

First make postfix  starting with   system

#chkconfig postfix  on

start   the  postfix  now with  the  new  configuration

#services  postfix  restart


Now  your  ready to  accept  email   from  any   host defined  in the directive


pleas e  enjoy


Sourde  :   RHCE  book