Acer ships Android netbooks with Windows in dual boot


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Acer ships Android netbooks with Windows in dual boot

Acer looks to become of the first big PC builders to launch netbook computers with Google’s mobile operating system Android. Its Android based models could be found at Computex but there it was revealed that Acer isn’t entirely sure that the fresh operating system is the way to go. The first Android models will namely ship with Windows in dual boot.

The reason is simply that the software support with Android is still lacking and it is afraid that many first-hand consumers will grow tired of the operating system before the software support has caught up.

Acer netbook with Android

Acer hasn’t excluded launching models with only Android but we should not expect this during the first wave of Android system, unfortunately it means that you will have to pay extra for the Microsoft’s Windows license no matter if you want it or not.

It would still be an interesting measuring point for Android that looks to attract the interest of quite a lot of manufacturers.