AC'97 Audio Controller Linux driver

Question :

How  to  install AC’97 Audio Controller   driver  in my  Linux ?


With    Gnome2.28 i  got  really  issue to  make it  working . the  alsa  drivers  and  the  mixers dont  help . finaly  decided  to  search from google and  to  check  experience of  people with this  driver  issue .

This  is  the  output  of  my  lspci:

00:1e.2 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)

the  only working   methode  is  to  install  driver   from  the OSS  (opensound  system)

Go  to

download  the package  for  your  Linux  or  Unix  version

reboot  the  machine .

test  the  sound  with  :

[pirat9@Unixmen-Host99 ~]$ osstest 
Sound subsystem and version: OSS 4.2 (b 2001/200910230524) (0x00040100)
Platform: Linux/i686 #1 SMP Fri Oct 23 19:53:24 EDT 2009

*** Scanning sound adapter #-1 ***
/dev/oss/oss_ich0/pcm0 (audio engine 0): Intel ICH6 (266E)
Note! Device is in use (by PID 0/VMIX) but will try anyway
- Performing audio playback test...

*** All tests completed OK ***

its  realy a  good job  from the  oss  team  ,im  now  enjoying with  my  music .

please  ask  is  you  have  any  question

  • Gato303

    Why always I am looking for help, the answers always have to be done on the command line ? – like other novice linux users I don’t know how to use the command line –

    Why people who post help, stop assuming all linux users Know how to use the command line? why not to do a graphic method for people migrating from Windows?

  • zinovsky

    We understand that is difficult for linux newbies to use the commandline, but there are cases there is noother solution to resolve the problem. Try to just copy/Past the commands to your terminal and see if will work

  • tux

    I have followed the above article and it works to my karmic. but when i open my music (rhythmbox) that is no sound. please help me to return my sound.


  • Pirat9

    TUx, Try other music player like VLC. its working fine for me

  • Takagami

    Oh man! I have done 5-6 minimal installs of Ubuntu 9.04 AND 9.10 and could NEVER get my audio working. Everyone told me to install alsa and pulse audio! It would detect my hardware but never actually play any audio! THIS FINALLY FIXED IT! In one simple DEB install it all works perfectly! What the hell!?!


    P.S. For those of you complaining about the command line in linux. You will NEED to learn how to use it if you really want to use linux to it’s fullest potential for ANYTHING! Even if all you do is check your email and browse the web. The linux console is VERY powerfull and very important to know, even just the basics.

  • dragging

    [quote]vamsi@gkp-home-desktop:~$ osstest
    Sound subsystem and version: OSS 4.2 (b 2002/200911060735) (0x00040100)
    Platform: Linux/i686 2.6.28-17-generic #58-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 1 18:57:07 UTC 2009

    *** Scanning sound adapter #-1 ***
    /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm0 (audio engine 0): HD Audio play pcm1
    – Performing audio playback test…
    OK OK OK
    /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm1 (audio engine 1): HD Audio play pcm2
    – Performing audio playback test…
    OK OK OK
    /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm2 (audio engine 2): HD Audio play pcm3
    – Performing audio playback test…
    OK OK OK
    /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm3 (audio engine 3): HD Audio play pcm4
    – Performing audio playback test…
    OK OK OK
    /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcmin0 (audio engine 4): HD Audio rec select1
    – Skipping input only device
    /dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcmin1 (audio engine 5): HD Audio rec jack6
    – Skipping input only device

    *** All tests completed OK ***

    I can only hear sound when the first one (HD Audio play pcm1) is tested. There is still no sound in Ubuntu, or when I try to play video/audio.
    Please help.

  • do_japan

    Useless.  Comes with broken install instructions.